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Senior Project Students by Name - S

by Name by Class
Saad, ScottDDSRDeleted Data Space Release
Sabeti, VidaS.O.S.User Service Request and Tracking System
Sackrison, ZacharyRADWebWeb Portal Creation and Management System
Sadoff, ChienchiJanovaJava-Based Jiro Management Console
Saether, TerjeXrecoverA Friendly Interface to Backup Copilot
Saliba, BassamDigiPlumbA General Purpose Function Network Workbench and Simulator
Saliba, George Jr.VRRBA Videogame for Psychological Research into Race Bias
Saliba, JosephArgoPrecision Web Search Engine
Saliman, Steven1000 Points of LightA User Interface for a Tape Library Model
Salomon, RafaelKeyPointCommunications Enabling Key Health Care Business Processes
Sam, RobinCanaryAn Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
Samarasekera, YasanthaInVisableInterpolation and Display of Randomly Scattered Scientific Data
Samek, ScottCAMPSStandard Generalized Markup Language Viewer Toolkit
Sampias, MarkSchedManComprehensive Web-Based Scheduling System for ITLL
Sampson, KyleRoundTableVideo Game Console Operating System and Development Environment
Sampson, Leonard (Chuck)MOPSMulti Person/Object Scheduler
Sanchez, ChrisHyDroweBHydrologic Database Web Interface
Sandblom, TroyRAVENAdvanced Scientific Visualization Software for Meteorological Radar Data
Sanders, Isaac (Zack)MirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Sanders, JamesDistribuStreamPeer Distributed Transfer Protocol
Sanford, StephenCometAn Improved Software Configuration Management System
Sanusi, SethKUCBA Visual Radio Spot Scheduling System
Sasaki, MaiGeneACTWeb-based Bioinformatics Tool for Promoter Analysis and Experiment Design
Savage, ChuckXrecoverA Friendly Interface to Backup Copilot
Savelzon, IgorBarNonePostal Bar Code Processing Library
Sawada, ShinjiIceHoundWeb-Based Alpine Skating Registration and Scheduling System
Sawant, GeetaConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Sax, BrianSwitchboardLAMP-Based Web 2.0 Custom CRM Solution
Scates, ChadPIGGMG-Plot: A Plot Interface to GeoScribe
Schaefer, GregorySPAMNetwork-Based Appointment and Messaging System
Schell, JustinSNaPS.NET 3D Animator for Micro Saint Sharp
Schenk, ChristopherAMESSApplied Math Electronic Submission System
Schlatter, BrianOlympiaA Timing System for Cross Country and Biathlon Races
Schmelter, GregoryMIBSMIBS/LIBS Spectroscopy Software
Schmidt, AlanForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
Schniedwind, TimothyhotjavaPlatform-Independent Graphical User Interface for Scientific Applications in Thermophysics
Scholes, Martin (Marty)SKIDSkills Inventory Data Base
Schram, AaronSPEEDSecurity and Privacy Enhanced Encrypted Document Management System
Schreiner, JonathanSOAP On A ROPEA SOAP/Linux LONWORKS Network Services Server
Schreiner, RobertBlue SteelWeb-based System to Support Families with High Need Children
Schultz, RaymondSnakeBoundInternet Domain Name Services Manager
Schulwitz, JustinPoofMeAugmented Me - Generating Art through Webcam-Based Motion Tracking
Schuyler, Ronald3D HAMA 3D Graphical Environment for Human Performance Modeling
Schwabauer, DouglasMOTHERUser Interface Tools for a Windowing Environment
Scott, EricARMSSAutomated Mapping between RNA Sequence and Structure
Scott, NathanBankshotChampionship Pool for Handheld Devices
Scoville, RobertBioKidA Kid's Game Using a Biofeedback Device
Scyoc, JasonFUBARSilicon Validation Execution Code
Searles, JustinPoofMeAugmented Me - Generating Art through Webcam-Based Motion Tracking
Seeland, MarcusBirdfeederMobile Restaurant Bill-Splitting System
Seeley, ClaytonJ.F.K.An Automated Self-updating Weather Kiosk
Seikaly, Danielsmrt3D Media Center
Sells, ScottmasterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Serff, AndrewJ.E.M.S.Servlet-Based Jiro Management Console
Serrano, AaronWACHidden Object Game Concept for the Nintendo DS
Setzke, DavidDICEA System for Distributed Internet Video Image Capture
Severson, CameronTAATactical Asset Allocation
Shaffer, BradleyMilkyWayCustomer GUI Design Tool
Shaffer, GregorySchwinnersA Corporate Intranet for Schwinn/GT
Shapiro, AndrewTheThingUser Friendly Interface to Ice Motion Analysis Workstation
Sheehan, BrianMonte CarloChampionship Blackjack for Handheld Devices
Sheehan, Wallacesmrt3D Media Center
Shelton, BrandonLaser MissionInteractive Drawing Tool for Science on a Sphere
Sherman, CoreyCOWAbungaWeb-Based Support System for the Conference on World Affairs
Sherrerd, KristopherSINNRemote Power Management for PC Networks
Sherriff, StephanieWebucateEducation over the Web
Sheth, DipalBubblesInflatable Icons for Game Authoring
Shih, LinnaHOTAutomated Transmission and Management of Requests for Proposals
Shoup, JeffreyMilkyWayCustomer GUI Design Tool
Shterk, YuriyA-SARAnalysis and Visualization of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Shulman, GarrettLaser MissionInteractive Drawing Tool for Science on a Sphere
Shupe, MichaelShow and TellA Class Library for the Construction of Electronic Brochures
Silva, RandallECLIPSSEGPSSIM: Satellite Simulation for Microsoft Windows
Silver, DarrenThe Manhattan ProjectRistretto: Instant Java Compiler for AgentSheets
Simek, PatrickCard SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
Simmons, JonSasquatchAn Interactive System for BugBuster Scheduling
Simonton, ReidRedwOODInfra-Red Controller Software for Home Automation
Sims, Joseph (Jay)GUESSGraphical Satellite Status Visualization
Singer, EricaChaChingWeb Cache Appliance
Singh, JasmitinfoSTATWeb-Based Interface to a Heterogeneous Hospital Information System
Sipila, ErikApolloA Tool for Testing the Security of Web Applications
Sipsey, BrianApolloA Tool for Testing the Security of Web Applications
Sirhall, ThomasJADEEnterprise JavaBeans Server Framework
Sizemore, GregoryRadiCalRadio Interference Calculator
Skalet, AndrewsplatTCP/IP Based JavaScript Debugger
Skinner, MatthewSatisTraktionSpacecraft Status Visualization
Skrenta, BrianA.L.E.Menuet/CX Card Game Pack
Smirnov, AndreyRainOrderE-Commerce Order Fulfillment System
Smith, AdamHITMEChampionship Solitaire
Smith, Alfred IIIOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Smith, CurtisGot MilkThe Online Grocery Store
Smith, EdwardMountain Climbing PotatoWeb Site Thumbnail Generator
Smith, GregoryXidentSchematic Spreadsheet Design for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Smith, IanDatacusMulti-Touch Data Explorer
Smith, JonathanTouchUpA Multi-User, Touch-Based Drawing Program
Smith, MatthewDatacusMulti-Touch Data Explorer
Smith, PeterHOTAutomated Transmission and Management of Requests for Proposals
Smith, RobertSLYThe Children's Museum of Denver Personal Science Lab
Smith, StephenskynetSoftware for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Smith, StevenAceDistributed Application to Track Sales and Support Tickets
Smith, TerryOliveOnline HTML5 Video Editor
Smithwick, StephenGeneACTWeb-based Bioinformatics Tool for Promoter Analysis and Experiment Design
Snow, KevinVirtual XA Virtual Tour of the Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab
Snowden, ScottBuckwheatGraphics Engineering Applications
Snyder, WilliamMerlinMultiple Image Transform and Segmentation Engines
Somers, TrevorSegoviaA Visual Development Environment for Menuet/CX
Song, EunProject GSVoice Automated Help Desk
Sotola, MarekSketchCraftA Sketch-Based, Physics-Enabled Video Game
Spear, AaronPDHPayload Data Historian
Speidel, DavidOasisOnline Academic Advising System
Speir, JessicaBOASBoas On A Satellite: A Satellite Task Scheduler
Spencer, JeremyYouNeverNOAAOTIS: Operational Text Inspection Subsystem
Spitze, JonathanProject EllisAn NNTP Protocol-Based Local Data Manager
Spivey, JerryVCRMulti-media Computer-based Training System for MS-DOS and UNIX
Sponholtz, RossBATTERAdvanced Signal Processing Utilities
Spruce, StephenViCoTA Graphical User Interface for the Configuration of HP OpenView
Squires, IsaacSNaPS.NET 3D Animator for Micro Saint Sharp
St. Charles, Timothy (Wil)comradWeb-Based Community Radio Administration
Stabile, Jonathan2D|!2DExtraction of 3D Information from Photogrammetric Images
Staff, EirikWIMPA Window-Based User Interface Management Process
Stallmo, JeremymasterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Stammer, ClintonActiveClassActiveClass-Wireless Technology for the Apprentice Learning and Design Environment
Standefer, GlennSUNBURNAn Interactive User Interface for a Solar Building Educational Tool
Stanway, AarynBubblesInflatable Icons for Game Authoring
Stapleton, ThomasDistribuStreamPeer Distributed Transfer Protocol
Stark, JohnathanShow and TellA Class Library for the Construction of Electronic Brochures
Stasica, Sean1000 Points of LightA User Interface for a Tape Library Model
Stautler, EdwardValkyrieAirborne Data Acquisition Quality Control and Analysis System
Steinbrecher, PaulDerp3D OBJ Viewer Control
Stephens, KevinSMILEAn Interactive Multi-media Tutorial Engine
Stevens, TravisJADEEnterprise JavaBeans Server Framework
Stevens, TylerPro:-Prover.A Prolog Program to Extract Rules from Data
Stiles, AdamMonte CarloChampionship Blackjack for Handheld Devices
Stiphout, ChristopherWEDGIEJava-Based Data Graphing Package
Stockho, JonathanTRIUMPHChampionship Euchre
Stokes, JohnEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Stoller, SamuelElmoAn Application for Creating Interactive and Evolvable Web Sites
Stone, TrevorCronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
Stoner, RobertExTrAAn Expert System for Business Travel Planning and Expense Reporting
Stookey, BenjaminLeaderBoardAthletic Event Scheduling Engine
Stout, RyanBirdfeederMobile Restaurant Bill-Splitting System
Stover, PatrickOppositionChampionship Chess and Checkers for Windows and Handheld Devices
Stramel, JasonWEDGIEJava-Based Data Graphing Package
Strauss, -- An Event-Based Social Network
Strbik, ScottAQUAAn Underwater 3D Video Game
Strebel, StephenSCATGraphical Interface for Fluid Dynamics
Strickland, James (Jay)iColumboPrint Expert System
Strotheide, AndrewOneBookOneBook Educational Technology
Strzepek, Janusz (Jani)SketchCraftA Sketch-Based, Physics-Enabled Video Game
Stuart, JoshuaCLUMPREText Analyzer to Support Natural Language Translation
Stuebe, Brianredeye TNGImage and Animation Facility for Planetarium Laser Displays
Sturm, ChristopherThe Manhattan ProjectRistretto: Instant Java Compiler for AgentSheets
Sublett, IsaacGRASSA Graphical Script Builder for Spacecraft Control
Suding, DennisMOTHERUser Interface Tools for a Windowing Environment
Sudomo, Ronaldda VinciA Java Implementation of AgentSheets Components
Sullivan, DanielAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Summers, MichaelMADCOWJava-Based GUI for a 3D Simulation Application
Svensson, BjörnSLICE2D Graphics Widgets for Visualization Application
Svirsky, EdwardGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Swanson, LukeSpeakEasyA Voice-Based Event Notification Server
Swanson, SaraUnigraphC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Maps and Contours
Swift, CraigCronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
Swoboda, ChristineExTrAAn Expert System for Business Travel Planning and Expense Reporting
Symmank, ScottMIDaSWeb-Based, Interactive Meteorological Display System
Symmonds, BrianNETWITX Windows Interface to Network Management and Analysis Tools
Szabo, DanielHoverA 3D Hovercraft Flight Simulator
Szczyrba, RafalSLYThe Children's Museum of Denver Personal Science Lab
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