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Senior Project Students by Name - P

by Name by Class
Pack, MichaeltFireTRACER FIRE Scoring System
Page, ShaneChaChingWeb Cache Appliance
Pagratis, KostasPRISMVisualization of Color Space and Color Transform
Pahler, LukeMTRoomWireless-Enabled Law School Classroom
Pahlke, GalenDistribuStreamPeer Distributed Transfer Protocol
Pai, AndySTRAPPSA Tool for Construction of Functional Models of Distributed Applications and Protocols
Pak, DanielProject GSVoice Automated Help Desk
Palestine, MarkMicroBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Networking Application
Panem, JamesThe ScreamMenuet/CX Paint
Papa, John IIMonte CarloChampionship Blackjack for Handheld Devices
Papic, PatriciaInVisableInterpolation and Display of Randomly Scattered Scientific Data
Park, YoungProject GSVoice Automated Help Desk
Park, YoungSHMOOA Call-Processing Feature Management Tool
Parsons, SherriNETWITX Windows Interface to Network Management and Analysis Tools
Partridge, KyleSchwinnersA Corporate Intranet for Schwinn/GT
Pasion, EricHITMEChampionship Solitaire
Passig, TraceyIwasFRAMED!Picture Framing and Art Gallery Point of Sale System
Patacchiola, Adam2501Electronic Fun House Mirrors
Patterson, JasonDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Pauk, Bryan5o9Personalizing, Localizing and Mobilizing the Web
Pawlish, StevenxflusiA User Interface for Fluid Dynamics Code
Payseur, ScottGRASSA Graphical Script Builder for Spacecraft Control
Pearson, JohnSchwinnersA Corporate Intranet for Schwinn/GT
Pearson, JoshuaAMESSApplied Math Electronic Submission System
Pellé, BriceMTRoomWireless-Enabled Law School Classroom
Pellouchoud, PhilipAIMSAction Item Management System
Pelton, JasonAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Pennell, ThomasOPUS IAutomatic Call Distribution Notification and Screen Popping for Hotel Reservations
Penney, LaurenSPIDERLow-Cost Robotic Control System
Pensack-Rinehart, SethPrintSpeakVoice User Interface for Multi-Function Devices
Perdrillat, NicolasJIMMOInstant Messaging System
Perez, DanielLEMLaboratory Equipment Manager
Perrigo, ChristineGUESSGraphical Satellite Status Visualization
Perry, GabrielSpeakEasyA Voice-Based Event Notification Server
Peters, BrettWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Petersen, DanielFiltrixA TeX Filter for Flexicon
Petersen, MarcVRRBA Videogame for Psychological Research into Race Bias
Peterson, JenniferSOAP On A ROPEA SOAP/Linux LONWORKS Network Services Server
Peterson, MarkSasquatchAn Interactive System for BugBuster Scheduling
Pham, LamCard SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
Pham, MongLEMLaboratory Equipment Manager
Phelps, ElizabethThe Martini ProjectRistretto Beans: Generating Interactive Simulation Java Components
Phillips, JonathanThe Manhattan ProjectRistretto: Instant Java Compiler for AgentSheets
Phillips, Ryan!LOSTVehicle Digital Assistant
Pickett, MarcM.U.L.E.Alpha Colony: A Multi-Player Turn-Based Strategy Game
Piekarski, ChristopherPrintSpeakVoice User Interface for Multi-Function Devices
Pinkney, PaulUWISGraphical Display of Weather Data
Piper, CharlesLEMLaboratory Equipment Manager
Pisha, MarcVanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Pitts, StephaniecomradWeb-Based Community Radio Administration
Piwonka, PhilipApolloA Tool for Testing the Security of Web Applications
Plotkin, LeonidBREWX Window System Based Image Display Utility
Plummer, SusanActiveClassActiveClass-Wireless Technology for the Apprentice Learning and Design Environment
Podrasky, KarenGOOSEBi-directional GUI for the Global Positioning System
Poe, VickiCOMSATTicketing and Alert System for MeetingOne
Pokharel, LekhaVISRDigital Image Shape Recognition
Poland, MatthewAsdapiA System for Determining Product Interoperability
Polanowski, PiotrWEEDMenuet/CX Modular Development Environment
Poley, JoshuaHELP!An Automated HTML Help Builder and Runtime Display Engine
Polkinghorne, KentRadiCalRadio Interference Calculator
Pontarelli, Brian (Ponch)KUCBA Visual Radio Spot Scheduling System
Pope, RandalDEWEYGraphical Interface for an Adaptive Ultrasonic Imaging System
Popiel, AlexanderSynchopheMenuet/CX Animated Arcade Game
Porter, CooperALICE3D Media Player
Porter, JasonrainDanceElectronic Software Distribution
Porter, ScottWACHidden Object Game Concept for the Nintendo DS
Porter, SpencerDerp3D OBJ Viewer Control
Posch, ScottinfoSTATWeb-Based Interface to a Heterogeneous Hospital Information System
Pouzeshi, AndrewISESelective Encryption of Images
Powell, KevinMerlinMultiple Image Transform and Segmentation Engines
Poyzer, ChristopherMoBrow3D3D Model Viewer/Converter
Pratt, MichaelLeaderBoardAthletic Event Scheduling Engine
Predaina, ChristineDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Premoze, SimonStylus33D Paint Application for a 3D Graphics Animation System
Prestopnik, JulieGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Prismon, JoshuaBrowseA Browsable Subject Hierarchy for E-Books
Provost, GaryKICKSSElectronic Notebooks for Kids as Global Scientists
Przebinda, ViktorProject EllisAn NNTP Protocol-Based Local Data Manager
Przygocki, LucasFish_FeastAn Original Big Fish Game
Pulaski, NicholasWACHidden Object Game Concept for the Nintendo DS
Pumphrey, BrianSpeakEasyA Voice-Based Event Notification Server
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