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Senior Project Students by Name - M

by Name by Class
Maaske, ToddOPUS IAutomatic Call Distribution Notification and Screen Popping for Hotel Reservations
Maccarrone, Corysmrt3D Media Center
MacDonald, JohnBankshotChampionship Pool for Handheld Devices
MacGregor, BradleyCaeSaRImage Cartoonization and Feature Recognition
Machaj, PiotrPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Machowski, MichaelGUFIA Graphical User Interface for the Finder Data Management System
Mackey, ScottKeyPointCommunications Enabling Key Health Care Business Processes
Macklem, GrantForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
MacPhee, David2D|!2DExtraction of 3D Information from Photogrammetric Images
Madruga, KyleNaga3DInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Magee, ScottSTRAPPSA Tool for Construction of Functional Models of Distributed Applications and Protocols
Magill, AndrewPARTYLAN Party Management System
Magill, ChristopherPARTYLAN Party Management System
Magnussen, JoernADAPTObject-Oriented Graphical Display Design Tool for Aviation Applications
Mahfuz, WalterPterodactyl3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control, Version 2.0
Mahonchak, CraigThe Valdez ProjectDistributed Agent Compiler
Mahony, PatrickCommunication BytesA Voice Capable Remote Information Presentation System
Maitin, JohnSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Malavasic, ChandraiColumboPrint Expert System
Mallory, DustinAMESSApplied Math Electronic Submission System
Manh, MichaelmasterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Mankoff, KennethSPIDERLow-Cost Robotic Control System
Mann, ScottSHMOOA Call-Processing Feature Management Tool
Manser, TylerNaga3DInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Marker, Davidkemo sabeA Real Time Streaming Server
Marsh, BenjaminALICE3D Media Player
Marti, AlfredScuzzySCSI Interface Test Package
Martin, BradleyCanaryAn Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
Martin, JohnPterodactyl3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control, Version 2.0
Martin, KevincodeHilt3D Visualization Tool for Parallel Physics Simulations
Martin, KimberlyShow and TellA Class Library for the Construction of Electronic Brochures
Martinez, AnthonySegaWorkgroup Management Suite
Martinez, JohnS.O.S.User Service Request and Tracking System
Masamitsu, JenniferRAFNetwork Monitoring and Configuration
Masse, MarkDICEA System for Distributed Internet Video Image Capture
Masson, JamesElmoAn Application for Creating Interactive and Evolvable Web Sites
Matre, KerrySWIFTTrue Customer Care - Interactive Sessions
Matthies, MichaelTheThingUser Friendly Interface to Ice Motion Analysis Workstation
Mayer, DanielMTRoomWireless-Enabled Law School Classroom
McAuliffe, SeanHITMEChampionship Solitaire
McBreen, DavidVRRBA Videogame for Psychological Research into Race Bias
McCabe, George Jr.WebDynamoO3D-Based 3D Web Game Engine
McCabe, JosephPSCSEncryption/Decryption and Voice Mail Enhancements to Privacy Suite
McCann, NicholasTritiumExecutive Summary Report System
McCoy, DamonchaiA Java-Based SNMP Command Layer
McDonald, Daniel1149Lightweight Emergency Notification System
McDonald, MichaelOPUS IAutomatic Call Distribution Notification and Screen Popping for Hotel Reservations
McDonald, ScottPerseusA Graphical User Interface to Online: DiskSuite
McFarland, BenjaminSnow CrashA Dynamic VRML Data Visualization Tool
McGeehon, JoshuaRGSRemote Ground System Support for Satellite Missions
McGraw, AndrewDanceDanceChampionship Texas Hold 'em
McKeever, MichaelCyranoData Acquisition Tool for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
McLaughlin, ShawnUnigraphC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Maps and Contours
McQuinn, EvanSketchCraftA Sketch-Based, Physics-Enabled Video Game
Mead, BennettXrecoverA Friendly Interface to Backup Copilot
Meador, JonathanBirdfeederMobile Restaurant Bill-Splitting System
Meakins, MarkSynchopheMenuet/CX Animated Arcade Game
Mecheski, PatrickMissingLinkEngineering Graphics System to Printed Circuit Design System Auto-Router Link
Meier, NealALICE3D Media Player
Melanson, Michaelcray watchMachine Room Diagnostic Daemon
Meltreger, Leonid (Leo)SINNRemote Power Management for PC Networks
Melvin, JacobCaeSaRImage Cartoonization and Feature Recognition
Mendoza, RafaelJaGoJabber/Google Talk Instant Messaging Client
Meneses, EnriqueHOTAutomated Transmission and Management of Requests for Proposals
Meng, EmilGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Mentasti, KennethWWFA Speech-Enabled Banking Application for Handheld Devices
Meriwether, BrentM.U.L.E.Alpha Colony: A Multi-Player Turn-Based Strategy Game
Merkel, DavidSasquatchAn Interactive System for BugBuster Scheduling
Merkoulova, Maria (Masha)TritiumExecutive Summary Report System
Merrion, ChristopherWEDGIEJava-Based Data Graphing Package
Messal, ArthurthinCDistributed Computing Model for Network-Enabled Devices
Metivier, StephenPulseX Window System Protocol Performance Monitor
Meurer, NathanYouNeverNOAAOTIS: Operational Text Inspection Subsystem
Mewes, DirkInVisableInterpolation and Display of Randomly Scattered Scientific Data
Meyer, JustinRGSRemote Ground System Support for Satellite Missions
Mezei, NicholasJiroScopeJiro Command Line Interface Console
Michaelson, DanielChocolate RainGoogle/YouTube Style Video Service
Mickle, Robert007AgentCubes for Video Game Consoles
Micucci, MichaelADDAutomated Daily Desktop
Middleton, LarrySegaWorkgroup Management Suite
Miller, DenverVanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Miller, JamesA-SARAnalysis and Visualization of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Miller, JayDDSRDeleted Data Space Release
Miller, JenniferYouNeverNOAAOTIS: Operational Text Inspection Subsystem
Miller, JonBarNonePostal Bar Code Processing Library
Miller, KathrynSNaPS.NET 3D Animator for Micro Saint Sharp
Miller, LukeLongviewWindows Vista/WinFX Screen Recording
Miller, PaulBuckwheatGraphics Engineering Applications
Miller, ToddSCATGraphical Interface for Fluid Dynamics
Mills, PaulPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Millsfield, JoshuaWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Minear, BrianPulseX Window System Protocol Performance Monitor
Minerva, Michael007AgentCubes for Video Game Consoles
Minick, EricOneBookOneBook Educational Technology
Minster, RandallBrowseA Browsable Subject Hierarchy for E-Books
Mirchandani, ArjuneForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
Mitchell, GeoffreySketchCraftA Sketch-Based, Physics-Enabled Video Game
Mitchell, PatrickGneoWindows Port for the GNU Flash Player
Moller, PeterWIMPA Window-Based User Interface Management Process
Monrad-Krohn, EilifNomadA Transport Layer Protocol Decoder
Moon, WayneJaGoJabber/Google Talk Instant Messaging Client
Moore, AndrewMidasNetwork Data File Format Conversion Utility
Moore, MicahVISTATerrain Data Visualizer
Moore, Robert IIIMilkyWayCustomer GUI Design Tool
Morgan, EricAceDistributed Application to Track Sales and Support Tickets
Morgan, KevinWEDGIEJava-Based Data Graphing Package
Morgan, LeahStylus33D Paint Application for a 3D Graphics Animation System
Morin, GarrickAsk Y.O.D.A.Online Academic Advising System
Mork, AdamtriPhiInteractive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone
Morkre, LaurenceCraytoRSimulation of the CRAY X/MP Process Scheduler
Morneau, BrentonBarNonePostal Bar Code Processing Library
Morreale, HerbcakeColor Graphics Printer Image Translator Generator
Morrell, MichaelSPORKVisual Printer Network Management
Morris, DavidCHeShireChampionship for Palm: Hearts and Spades
Morris, MargaretWASTEDDemographic Analysis Tool
Morrison, CraigLatteRemote Support Jiro Service
Motta, DavidCaeSaRImage Cartoonization and Feature Recognition
Mowery, MichaelMOPSMulti Person/Object Scheduler
Muckom, GeorgeTonDefA CD-ROM Based Digital Tone Standard for Telephone Equipment
Mudrak, GeorgeCyranoData Acquisition Tool for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Mui, PatrickCyklopsAdvanced Image Processing Utilities
Munger, BenjaminRedwOODInfra-Red Controller Software for Home Automation
Munger, CodyLeaderBoardAthletic Event Scheduling Engine
Munger, ScottFREDA Solaris File System Reader, Editor, and Debugger
Munson, ThomasNomadA Transport Layer Protocol Decoder
Murphy, DanielxflusiA User Interface for Fluid Dynamics Code
Murphy, SeanForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
Murray, KevinratPACKDigital Audio Tape Autochanger Backup Facility
Musmanno, HeatherAQUAAn Underwater 3D Video Game
Mysore, AshvinDistribuStreamPeer Distributed Transfer Protocol
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