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Senior Project Students by Name - L

by Name by Class
LaBounty, TheronThe Martini ProjectRistretto Beans: Generating Interactive Simulation Java Components
Laff, JonathanAQUAAn Underwater 3D Video Game
LaFollette, Vincent(3)NetNetwork Monitoring Extension
Lai, AmyJanovaJava-Based Jiro Management Console
Lai, AshleySHOGuNOnline Sales Tool for Order Creation
Lam, BrianWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Lamb, NicholaseMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Lambrecht, ChristopherBATTERAdvanced Signal Processing Utilities
Lambrecht, MatthewLOSTUser Interface for The Answer Place
Land, PeggyGene PoolWeb-Based Interface for Accessing Genomics Data
Lane, JamesAPEXAdvanced Rendering Library and Application
Lane, MitchellBerkeleyArachnet: A 3D Video Game
Lanier, TimothyxflusiA User Interface for Fluid Dynamics Code
Lansing, JohnathanLongviewWindows Vista/WinFX Screen Recording
Lao, LenzIsle ProwessA Wireless Point of Sale System
Lard, BenjaminmasterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Larsen, HegeASDIA Graphical Interface to Automated Software Distribution
Larson, KentValkyrieAirborne Data Acquisition Quality Control and Analysis System
Larsson, MartinTonDefA CD-ROM Based Digital Tone Standard for Telephone Equipment
Lasica, ScottGUFIA Graphical User Interface for the Finder Data Management System
LaStrange, AdamVCLibVirtual Chemical Library Enumeration and Layout Tool
Latour, MarcCometAn Improved Software Configuration Management System
Latta, StephanSquashAccess and Conversion of Large Data Sets
Lau, TzeIDEAA Generalized Driver Framework for Building Automation Systems
Lauren, ThomasMIDaSWeb-Based, Interactive Meteorological Display System
Lavallee, -- An Event-Based Social Network
Le, KellySINBADSignature Based Anomaly Detection
Le, PhongGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Ledbetter, JohnKeyPointCommunications Enabling Key Health Care Business Processes
Lee, Byung (Brian)Project GSVoice Automated Help Desk
Lee, GiSPEEDSecurity and Privacy Enhanced Encrypted Document Management System
Lee, HyunEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Lee, JonathanAIMSAction Item Management System
Lee, JustinGneoWindows Port for the GNU Flash Player
Lee, SusanTornadoA Program for Mobile Home Energy Audits
Lefebvre, BrettconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Lefebvre, EricRachSolidJava-Based Piano Tutor
Legary, JustinALICE3D Media Player
Leinwand, AllanSAMSATSatellite Arsenal Management Simulation and Analysis Tool
LeMessurier, AddisonSoftCOREHVAC Control System for a Solar House
Lemke, ScottBankshotChampionship Pool for Handheld Devices
Leonard, MatthewTheThingUser Friendly Interface to Ice Motion Analysis Workstation
Lew, RhondaShamanThe Children's Museum of Denver Weather Project
Lewellen, GarrettRachSolidJava-Based Piano Tutor
Lewis, EdmundBubblesInflatable Icons for Game Authoring
Lewis, RyanSPECTREA Classroom-Friendly Technique for Viewing Solid Objects
Li, PaulSynchopheMenuet/CX Animated Arcade Game
Lim, Jae (Jay)IceHoundWeb-Based Alpine Skating Registration and Scheduling System
Limmer, BenjaminWaldoDynamic Call Handling Solution
Lin, OwenGRASSA Graphical Script Builder for Spacecraft Control
Linck, MichaelProject EllisAn NNTP Protocol-Based Local Data Manager
Lind, RickyPlaneFunA 2D Sprite Engine
Lindell, Anthony (A. J.)!LOSTVehicle Digital Assistant
Linemeyer, ScottRainOrderE-Commerce Order Fulfillment System
Link, BenjaminLaspView3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control
Link, PatrickMindTouchComputer Assistant for a Person with Autism
Linton, ChristopherPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Lippert, RalphQFLIPA Comprehensive Flight Planner for General Aviation
Liu, LianonE-priceWeb-Based Machine, Component and Material Information Gathering System
Lloyd, DavidLOSTUser Interface for The Answer Place
Lloyd, ReeseSPORKVisual Printer Network Management
Loehr, EdSLICE2D Graphics Widgets for Visualization Application
Loekito, SheilaRIMsA Framework for Rally Mashups
Loesch, LawrencePARATRAKA Graphical Control System for Parabolic Dish Antennas
Loh, JenniferLEGOsheetsA Visual Programming Language for LEGO Bricks
Lokkebo, OlavLEGOsheetsA Visual Programming Language for LEGO Bricks
Lopez, JoshuarainDanceElectronic Software Distribution
Lopez, LanceKUCBA Visual Radio Spot Scheduling System
Loptien, JonathanDOCTORHealth Care Education Using Second Life
Lorang, BartholomewBarkerIndustry Price Tracking and Comparison System
Lucas, Nathan007AgentCubes for Video Game Consoles
Lueth, DanielALICE3D Media Player
Lundberg, NicholasTRIUMPHChampionship Euchre
Lundby, EricPoofMeAugmented Me - Generating Art through Webcam-Based Motion Tracking
Lunsford, JamieOneBookOneBook Educational Technology
Lupfer, JosephTRIUMPHChampionship Euchre
Ly, KatzouBarkerIndustry Price Tracking and Comparison System
Ly, PhuongCAMPSStandard Generalized Markup Language Viewer Toolkit
Lynch, PatrickMOTHERUser Interface Tools for a Windowing Environment
Lynch, RyanGeneJACKETGraphical Platform for Manipulating Biological Regulatory Pathways
Lyons, AaronSNaPS.NET 3D Animator for Micro Saint Sharp
Lyons, SuzetteinfoSTATWeb-Based Interface to a Heterogeneous Hospital Information System
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