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Senior Project Students by Name - K

by Name by Class
Kadhim, BasimSPAMNetwork-Based Appointment and Messaging System
Kadhim, JosephISESelective Encryption of Images
Kaiman, DaveSHMOOA Call-Processing Feature Management Tool
Kainer, KathrynBlue SteelWeb-based System to Support Families with High Need Children
Kaliszewski, PaulSINBADSignature Based Anomaly Detection
Kalkur, Rohit5o9Personalizing, Localizing and Mobilizing the Web
Kalmbach, DarrenTELSARTracking and Evolution of Solar Active Regions
Kamienski, JillRadiCalRadio Interference Calculator
Kane, JasonHELP!An Automated HTML Help Builder and Runtime Display Engine
Kantola, ZacharyGenieLineage-Specific Gene Duplication and Loss in Human and Great Ape Evolution
Kapasi, MehjabinonE-priceWeb-Based Machine, Component and Material Information Gathering System
Karan, TheresaECLIPSSEGPSSIM: Satellite Simulation for Microsoft Windows
Karas, ErikBrowseA Browsable Subject Hierarchy for E-Books
Karasik, VladimirANDROLLROCK Knowledge Base Viewer
Kaupisch, AdamSADA 3D Graphical Interface for a Petroleum Systems Model
Kaur, ParamjitSatisTraktionSpacecraft Status Visualization
Kaveny, KellyHALRSS Notification of Software Updates
Kaveny, ScottHALRSS Notification of Software Updates
Keary, Eric1149Lightweight Emergency Notification System
Keighin, Eric1000 Points of LightA User Interface for a Tape Library Model
Keller, ChristopherVolumizerInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Keller, DennisPEVDIA Petroleum Engineering Visual Database Interface
Keller, ScottWebDynamoO3D-Based 3D Web Game Engine
Kelley, Hartwig (John)JanovaJava-Based Jiro Management Console
Kelly, EdmondMerlinMultiple Image Transform and Segmentation Engines
Kermgard, KyleTweekSpacecraft Model Interpretive Language Converter
Kerrigan, Amy(3)NetNetwork Monitoring Extension
Kessel, MarkGLOVeGlobal Data Visualization Tool
Khan, HudaSHOGuNOnline Sales Tool for Order Creation
Kim, BongwooIceHoundWeb-Based Alpine Skating Registration and Scheduling System
Kim, ChiSPORKVisual Printer Network Management
Kim, HoonilPARATRAKA Graphical Control System for Parabolic Dish Antennas
Kim, JoonVolumizerInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Kim, MyunghoOliveOnline HTML5 Video Editor
Kimbell, BenjaminGOOSEBi-directional GUI for the Global Positioning System
King, RonaldAWOLAudio Over the Internet
King, RyanVCLibVirtual Chemical Library Enumeration and Layout Tool
Kirby, MichaelPSCSEncryption/Decryption and Voice Mail Enhancements to Privacy Suite
Kistenmacher, AaronSPORKVisual Printer Network Management
Kjeilen, KnutWEEDMenuet/CX Modular Development Environment
Kjelaas, UlfSPAMNetwork-Based Appointment and Messaging System
Knappe, TylerSpace BallsCommanding, Monitoring, and System Log Parser for Payloads on the International Space Station
Knight, KyleDDSRDeleted Data Space Release
Knoll, DouglasFREDA Solaris File System Reader, Editor, and Debugger
Knoll, GaryMoBrow3D3D Model Viewer/Converter
Knudson, MichaelSoftCOREHVAC Control System for a Solar House
Knutson, StacyCOMSATTicketing and Alert System for MeetingOne
Knutzen, DavidtriPhiInteractive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone
Koch, NathanrainDanceElectronic Software Distribution
Koelling, TroyOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Kohn, KevinThe Martini ProjectRistretto Beans: Generating Interactive Simulation Java Components
Kominek, JaySatisTraktionSpacecraft Status Visualization
Kooros, PaulDigiPlumbA General Purpose Function Network Workbench and Simulator
Kopelove, DanielAutoCatAutomatic Blog Categorization Engine
Kosenski, MichaelBerkeleyArachnet: A 3D Video Game
Kowalewski, DanielOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Kraft, AaronEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Kramer, DavidCronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
Krantz, BrigettechaiA Java-Based SNMP Command Layer
Kreider, BrianChaChingWeb Cache Appliance
Krinsky, JoshuacodeHilt3D Visualization Tool for Parallel Physics Simulations
Kruempelstaedter, KerryCanaryAn Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
Krunic, VeljkoSADA 3D Graphical Interface for a Petroleum Systems Model
Kujo, EldenDIGAMONDatabase Information Gathering for Marketing Online
Kulhanek, DavidTELSARTracking and Evolution of Solar Active Regions
Kulkarni, GauravMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Kumagai, DouglasDOCTORHealth Care Education Using Second Life
Kumar, AnuradhaMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Kummer, NathanielOasisOnline Academic Advising System
Kummet, RyanWEEDMenuet/CX Modular Development Environment
Kuo, AndyInVisableInterpolation and Display of Randomly Scattered Scientific Data
Kuo, CherieBabel FishTool Integration Environment: A Flexible Data Access and Retrieval Engine
Kurach, NathanHuGe ManTrace File Assembler for Genomics Research
Kuttig, AndrewsplatTCP/IP Based JavaScript Debugger
Kuzminsky, SebastianIDEAA Generalized Driver Framework for Building Automation Systems
Kuznetsov, IgorOppositionChampionship Chess and Checkers for Windows and Handheld Devices
Kwan, Yin (Phoenix)GeneACTWeb-based Bioinformatics Tool for Promoter Analysis and Experiment Design
Kwon, Tae007AgentCubes for Video Game Consoles
Kwong, EricThe ScreamMenuet/CX Paint
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