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Senior Project Students by Name - H

by Name by Class
Haas, MelodyCHeShireChampionship for Palm: Hearts and Spades
Habinsky, Michael007AgentCubes for Video Game Consoles
Hadavi, MarcusHyDroweBHydrologic Database Web Interface
Hageman, DerekUMCDistributed Wiring Harness Communications Framework
Hahn, ChristianJ.E.M.S.Servlet-Based Jiro Management Console
Hahn, DavidLatteRemote Support Jiro Service
Hakkarinen, DouglasProject EllisAn NNTP Protocol-Based Local Data Manager
Haley, EricStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Halilcevic, AlmirForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
Halim, RisaUGRAPHC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Streamlines and Vectors
Hall, BruceSnow CrashA Dynamic VRML Data Visualization Tool
Hall, ChristopherXidentSchematic Spreadsheet Design for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Hall, CyrusMC PenguinHome Media Server
Hallesy, BrianLaser MissionInteractive Drawing Tool for Science on a Sphere
Hamady, MicahWWFA Speech-Enabled Banking Application for Handheld Devices
Hamilton, Andrew3D HAMA 3D Graphical Environment for Human Performance Modeling
Hamlyn, ThomasSpeakEasyA Voice-Based Event Notification Server
Hamrick, JohnShamanThe Children's Museum of Denver Weather Project
Hand, EdithGene PoolWeb-Based Interface for Accessing Genomics Data
Hanes, ScottFish_FeastAn Original Big Fish Game
Hansen, AndrewMOTHERUser Interface Tools for a Windowing Environment
Hansen, TrondWebsterAutomated Scheduling and Delivery of Advertising for the World Wide Web
Happel, PatrickS.M.A.G.Sparkle Magic API for Graphics
Hardt, JohnSPAMNetwork-Based Appointment and Messaging System
Hardy, DarrencakeColor Graphics Printer Image Translator Generator
Hariharan, KarthikWebucateEducation over the Web
Harmon, JulieiColumboPrint Expert System
Harris, JasonMADCOWJava-Based GUI for a 3D Simulation Application
Harris, PaulredeyeSoftware Control for Planetarium Laser Displays
Harris, TrevorStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Harry, BretANDaCon-daAutomated Network Discovery and Configuration
Harsh, ColinWebsterAutomated Scheduling and Delivery of Advertising for the World Wide Web
Harstad, BenedikteRAWDEALDistributed Data Management System Using Client-Server Technology
Hart, AaronProteusA Simulation Game Authoring Tool for Next Generation Pocket PCs
Hart, AaronMindTouchComputer Assistant for a Person with Autism
Hart, GeoffreyGUESSGraphical Satellite Status Visualization
Hart, JustinSpelunkIP Packet Content Filtering and Pattern Discovery in Linux
Hartkopf, JeffreyASDIA Graphical Interface to Automated Software Distribution
Harvey, Charles (Chad)HITVHardware Independent Interactive TV System
Hassani, AliEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Hatcher, CameronBOASBoas On A Satellite: A Satellite Task Scheduler
Hattrup, LorinFREDA Solaris File System Reader, Editor, and Debugger
Haverland, MarcSyFToRObject-Oriented Human Resource Subsystems
Hay, DavidStylus33D Paint Application for a 3D Graphics Animation System
Haycraft, Samuel#FIXMEHelp Desk and Bug Tracking System
Hazen, RaferAutoCatAutomatic Blog Categorization Engine
He, TaoGot MilkThe Online Grocery Store
Heddings, JasonGOOSEBi-directional GUI for the Global Positioning System
Hein, TrentcakeColor Graphics Printer Image Translator Generator
Held, JasonSwitchboardLAMP-Based Web 2.0 Custom CRM Solution
Hellebusch, JosephRhea's AimAutomated Human Resources Employee Management System
Henderson, KimberlySHOGuNOnline Sales Tool for Order Creation
Henrikson, BethanyFish_FeastAn Original Big Fish Game
Henthorne, JessicaA-SARAnalysis and Visualization of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Her Many Horses, IanMicroBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Networking Application
Herman, JohnInSysTInventory System
Heroux, BuckDatacusMulti-Touch Data Explorer
Herrington, JamesSTARRSSA Comprehensive Environmental Model for the Utility Industry
Herron, MatthewJaGoJabber/Google Talk Instant Messaging Client
Hesselmann, VidarOrionAn Animation Facility for QuarkXPress
Hevenor, AdamSWIFTTrue Customer Care - Interactive Sessions
Hicks, BrianShow and TellA Class Library for the Construction of Electronic Brochures
Hierro, LuisSINNRemote Power Management for PC Networks
Higgins, DanielCraytoRSimulation of the CRAY X/MP Process Scheduler
Higgins, PatrickMIBSMIBS/LIBS Spectroscopy Software
Hightower, JeffreyAWOLAudio Over the Internet
Hilgers, MatthewIceHoundWeb-Based Alpine Skating Registration and Scheduling System
Hill, JasonHITVHardware Independent Interactive TV System
Hilton, ShaneHoverA 3D Hovercraft Flight Simulator
Hilverding, JamesMoBrow3D3D Model Viewer/Converter
Hinman, MatthewS.M.A.G.Sparkle Magic API for Graphics
Hintz, ThomasGInXGrasp Interpreter for the X Window System
Hirota, JonredeyeSoftware Control for Planetarium Laser Displays
Hitchings, JasonApolloA Tool for Testing the Security of Web Applications
Hite, JacobSegaWorkgroup Management Suite
Hixon, ChrisVirtual XA Virtual Tour of the Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab
Hoehl, JefferyIsle ProwessA Wireless Point of Sale System
Hoel, KarianneRAWDEALDistributed Data Management System Using Client-Server Technology
Hoffman, EricSoftCOREHVAC Control System for a Solar House
Hoffman, StevenBuckwheatGraphics Engineering Applications
Hoffmann, Teresa (Terry)WASTEDDemographic Analysis Tool
Hoffner, AndrewSwitchboardLAMP-Based Web 2.0 Custom CRM Solution
Hofmann, WesleySpelunkIP Packet Content Filtering and Pattern Discovery in Linux
Hogan, ApolloCLUMPREText Analyzer to Support Natural Language Translation
Hogan, Teresa (Terry)TornadoA Program for Mobile Home Energy Audits
Hogness, HenningThe ScreamMenuet/CX Paint
Hogrewe, JoshuaM.U.L.E.Alpha Colony: A Multi-Player Turn-Based Strategy Game
Holmes, AntonyRAPID WeatherA Real Time Graphical Airport Weather Display
Holtze, MarkCard SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
Hong, Theodorecray watchMachine Room Diagnostic Daemon
Hong, YoungM.U.L.E.Alpha Colony: A Multi-Player Turn-Based Strategy Game
Hooker, DevinRAVENAdvanced Scientific Visualization Software for Meteorological Radar Data
Hoople, AndrewCraytoRSimulation of the CRAY X/MP Process Scheduler
Hoot, JohnADDAutomated Daily Desktop
Hopkins, ClaireDerp3D OBJ Viewer Control
Hopkins, GregoryHeMenA User Friendly Interface to Helium Properties Code
Horowitz, -- An Event-Based Social Network
Horton, GaryCtransC Version of the NCAR Computer Graphics Metafile Translator
Hosokawa, PatrickSHMOOA Call-Processing Feature Management Tool
Hostetler, GlennUGRAPHC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Streamlines and Vectors
Hoswell, MichaelVCRMulti-media Computer-based Training System for MS-DOS and UNIX
House, Robert (Bobby) III1149Lightweight Emergency Notification System
Howard, AraMIDaSWeb-Based, Interactive Meteorological Display System
Hoyt, BenjaminProject MayhemLocation-Based Reminder System
Hsu, En-JaytriPhiInteractive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone
Huber, ThomasNaga3DInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Hudak, GenevieveGeneACTWeb-based Bioinformatics Tool for Promoter Analysis and Experiment Design
Hugger, PhillipFREDA Solaris File System Reader, Editor, and Debugger
Hughes, WilliamQFLIPA Comprehensive Flight Planner for General Aviation
Hulse, MatthewNIRSSNASA Icing Remote Sensing System
Hume, SeanPicassoSuper Doodle: A Web-Based Freehand Drawing Tool
Humphreys, StephenJ.F.K.An Automated Self-updating Weather Kiosk
Hundhausen, AllanOrionAn Animation Facility for QuarkXPress
Huynh, MinhIsle ProwessA Wireless Point of Sale System
Huynh, PhaGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Hwang, Chen-ChenUWISGraphical Display of Weather Data
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