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Senior Project Students by Name - G

by Name by Class
Gadda, MatthewQuineAutomatic Ontology Development
Gaiser, BenjaminpurplePGP 6.0 Command Line for UNIX
Galyean, TinsleyCtransC Version of the NCAR Computer Graphics Metafile Translator
Gampp, JoshuaMADCOWJava-Based GUI for a 3D Simulation Application
Gang, NathanRIMsA Framework for Rally Mashups
Ganster, PaulS.M.A.G.Sparkle Magic API for Graphics
Garcia, JeremySPECTREA Classroom-Friendly Technique for Viewing Solid Objects
Gardner, RyanFUBARSilicon Validation Execution Code
Garritano, MichaelGeneJACKETGraphical Platform for Manipulating Biological Regulatory Pathways
Gartner, GavinSTARRSSA Comprehensive Environmental Model for the Utility Industry
Gates, EvanChocolate RainGoogle/YouTube Style Video Service
Gaul, NathanCHeShireChampionship for Palm: Hearts and Spades
Gawande, TruptiConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Gaz, RandallPerspectiveGeneral Purpose File Browser/UNIX Front End
Gebben, JeremyGUFIA Graphical User Interface for the Finder Data Management System
Geehan, JeffreyVanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Geertgens, ScottGeneJACKETGraphical Platform for Manipulating Biological Regulatory Pathways
Geisse, TaylorMicroBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Networking Application
Gentry, MarkratPACKDigital Audio Tape Autochanger Backup Facility
Gerali, StephanJADEEnterprise JavaBeans Server Framework
Gerhardt, PaulShaleVirtual and Physical Object Interaction
Gerou, GregorySpeakEasyA Voice-Based Event Notification Server
Gerull, JenniferSpelunkIP Packet Content Filtering and Pattern Discovery in Linux
Getz, MichaelDOCTORHealth Care Education Using Second Life
Ghiasy, FayazVISRDigital Image Shape Recognition
Ghosh, SangitaArgoPrecision Web Search Engine
Gibbens, JamesARMSSAutomated Mapping between RNA Sequence and Structure
Gibson, LynneCometAn Improved Software Configuration Management System
Gilbertson, Victoria (Tori)Naga3DInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Giles, ColbyProteusA Simulation Game Authoring Tool for Next Generation Pocket PCs
Gill, AndrewCard SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
Gill, MandeepMTRoomWireless-Enabled Law School Classroom
Gillespie, JamesProject MayhemLocation-Based Reminder System
Gillis, DarinRoundTableVideo Game Console Operating System and Development Environment
Gindling, JimLEGOsheetsA Visual Programming Language for LEGO Bricks
Gish, DanielBuffExchangeBack End for a University Student Resource Web Site
Given, JoshuaThe Martini ProjectRistretto Beans: Generating Interactive Simulation Java Components
Gloe, NicholasMilkyWayCustomer GUI Design Tool
Golden, BenjaminSpace BallsCommanding, Monitoring, and System Log Parser for Payloads on the International Space Station
Golden, ChristopherTAATactical Asset Allocation
Good, MatthewPARTYLAN Party Management System
Goodman, NicholasMADCOWJava-Based GUI for a 3D Simulation Application
Goss, StevenThe Valdez ProjectDistributed Agent Compiler
Gottschalk, EricVanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Grach, AlexanderGenieLineage-Specific Gene Duplication and Loss in Human and Great Ape Evolution
Graf, MichaelthinCDistributed Computing Model for Network-Enabled Devices
Grandin, KeithASDIA Graphical Interface to Automated Software Distribution
Granof, JoshuaMonte CarloChampionship Blackjack for Handheld Devices
Gray, DavidVRRBA Videogame for Psychological Research into Race Bias
Gray, RobinMidasNetwork Data File Format Conversion Utility
Greenbaum, StevenKeyPointCommunications Enabling Key Health Care Business Processes
Greenberg, ScottBlue SteelWeb-based System to Support Families with High Need Children
Greenfield, TimothyThe Valdez ProjectDistributed Agent Compiler
Greve, LucasNimbusDatabase Reporting and Workflow Management on the Cloud
Griest, KennethSnakeBoundInternet Domain Name Services Manager
Griffis, CharlesTurnAboutA Multi-Player Network Game of Medieval Conquest
Griffith, GeoffreyISESelective Encryption of Images
Grinstead, CarlSasquatchAn Interactive System for BugBuster Scheduling
Grissom, BryanTAATactical Asset Allocation
Groenevelt, AlexandercakeColor Graphics Printer Image Translator Generator
Grogan, ElizabethSpelunkIP Packet Content Filtering and Pattern Discovery in Linux
Gromov, AlexanderPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Groshart, Jason2501Electronic Fun House Mirrors
Grusin, Michaelredeye TNGImage and Animation Facility for Planetarium Laser Displays
Guerrero, IsaacNaga3DInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Gulliksen, Michael3D HAMA 3D Graphical Environment for Human Performance Modeling
Gundersen, EricSchwinnersA Corporate Intranet for Schwinn/GT
Gunn, NicholasJADEEnterprise JavaBeans Server Framework
Gurevich, MarkOppositionChampionship Chess and Checkers for Windows and Handheld Devices
Gurule, VictorUGRAPHC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Streamlines and Vectors
Guthrie, RyanPRISMVisualization of Color Space and Color Transform
Gutierrez, SheriObsideoHaunted: Mystery at White Manor
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