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Senior Project Students by Name - D

by Name by Class
Dady, Mark#FIXMEHelp Desk and Bug Tracking System
Dageenakis, DamonTRIUMPHChampionship Euchre
Dahanayaka, ShahanRoundTableVideo Game Console Operating System and Development Environment
Dahl, AnneADAPTObject-Oriented Graphical Display Design Tool for Aviation Applications
Dahlstedt, EryntFireTRACER FIRE Scoring System
Daigaku, ShinyaISESelective Encryption of Images
Darnell, DainJaGoJabber/Google Talk Instant Messaging Client
Datta, IndranirainDanceElectronic Software Distribution
Daubert, RyanDatacusMulti-Touch Data Explorer
Daugherty, BrianSTARRSSA Comprehensive Environmental Model for the Utility Industry
Davenport, DavidHELP!An Automated HTML Help Builder and Runtime Display Engine
Davies, Barry3DiGrAA3D Digitizer for Graphic Arts Applications
Davis, CaseyFrame Logic 2.0Retail Picture Framing and Art Gallery Point of Sale System
Davis, ScottSLICE2D Graphics Widgets for Visualization Application
Davison, BruceFiltrixA TeX Filter for Flexicon
De la Lama, ArielonE-priceWeb-Based Machine, Component and Material Information Gathering System
de Vesine, Laura Caitlin RassbachGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Dean, JosephPSCSEncryption/Decryption and Voice Mail Enhancements to Privacy Suite
Deans, WilliamSnow CrashA Dynamic VRML Data Visualization Tool
Decker, RonaldVCRMulti-media Computer-based Training System for MS-DOS and UNIX
Dejthai, EddieRAFNetwork Monitoring and Configuration
Delamere, CalvinWaldoDynamic Call Handling Solution
Delany, DanielAutoCatAutomatic Blog Categorization Engine
DeLine, RobertANDROLLROCK Knowledge Base Viewer
DeMartine, PatrickPerseusA Graphical User Interface to Online: DiskSuite
Dempsey, NicoleThe Valdez ProjectDistributed Agent Compiler
Deniman, DavidSINBADSignature Based Anomaly Detection
Denlea, John (Jed)MicroBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Networking Application
Deol, Sukhbans (Raji)MTRoomWireless-Enabled Law School Classroom
Derby, ThomasScuzzySCSI Interface Test Package
DeRiggi, JohnOlympiaA Timing System for Cross Country and Biathlon Races
Derstadt, RobertYouNeverNOAAOTIS: Operational Text Inspection Subsystem
DeVries, KevinGLOVeGlobal Data Visualization Tool
DeWitt, TylerBirdfeederMobile Restaurant Bill-Splitting System
Dexter, DanielPterodactyl3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control, Version 2.0
Diaz, MichaelSchedManComprehensive Web-Based Scheduling System for ITLL
Dice, JoelOneBookOneBook Educational Technology
Dick, BarbaraGot MilkThe Online Grocery Store
Dick, EricRainOrderE-Commerce Order Fulfillment System
Dickson, ScottANDROLLROCK Knowledge Base Viewer
Diggins, MichaelRAWDEALDistributed Data Management System Using Client-Server Technology
DiGiacomo, GabrielCronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
Dikovitskaya, Natalyada VinciA Java Implementation of AgentSheets Components
Doan, HenrySPEEDSecurity and Privacy Enhanced Encrypted Document Management System
Doan, LisaPSCSEncryption/Decryption and Voice Mail Enhancements to Privacy Suite
Dodge, MichelleRAVENAdvanced Scientific Visualization Software for Meteorological Radar Data
Dodson, Camille (Cami)BioKidA Kid's Game Using a Biofeedback Device
Dolan, AndrewBREWX Window System Based Image Display Utility
Doran, JonathonMadelineMadeline: The Electronic House
Dormand, StevenGenieLineage-Specific Gene Duplication and Loss in Human and Great Ape Evolution
Dornbush, Sandor (Sandy)SPIDERLow-Cost Robotic Control System
Doty, ChristineSWIFTTrue Customer Care - Interactive Sessions
Dougherty, KevinJiroScopeJiro Command Line Interface Console
Dowell, RyanFish_FeastAn Original Big Fish Game
Dowty, MicahDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Drake, BrianSynchopheMenuet/CX Animated Arcade Game
Dressen, PhillipProject MayhemLocation-Based Reminder System
Drew, Philip (P. C.)BuffExchangeBack End for a University Student Resource Web Site
Duc, HungcapsterInteractive Set-Top Box Application Server
Duda, MichaelWeaseldorffChampionship Rummy for Handheld Devices
Dunning, JoslinHuGe ManTrace File Assembler for Genomics Research
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