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Senior Project Students by Name - C

by Name by Class
Cabrera, Andres Jr.Chocolate RainGoogle/YouTube Style Video Service
Cairns, BrianSINNRemote Power Management for PC Networks
Callahan, BryancomradWeb-Based Community Radio Administration
Campbell, NathanTouchUpA Multi-User, Touch-Based Drawing Program
Cantrick, Benjamin2501Electronic Fun House Mirrors
Caporaso, J. GregoryBuffExchangeBack End for a University Student Resource Web Site
Carau, PaulPerseusA Graphical User Interface to Online: DiskSuite
Carey, ThomasHoverA 3D Hovercraft Flight Simulator
Carlson, BrianWebSPANAn Automated World Wide Web Site for Photo Ad
Carlson, JeffreyROCKVIEWROCK Knowledge Base-to-POSTSCRIPT Conversion Utility
Carmichael, PatrickNIRSSNASA Icing Remote Sensing System
Carmien, StefanLOSTUser Interface for The Answer Place
Carnathan, JessePSSPsychology Department Senior Assessment Survey
Carney-Mogan, RyanTweekSpacecraft Model Interpretive Language Converter
Carpenter, ScottActiveClassActiveClass-Wireless Technology for the Apprentice Learning and Design Environment
Carpentier, NelsonWEDGIEJava-Based Data Graphing Package
Carr, PeterSpace BallsCommanding, Monitoring, and System Log Parser for Payloads on the International Space Station
Carroll, ErinAMESSApplied Math Electronic Submission System
Carsella, ChristopherInSysTInventory System
Casale, AprilTELSARTracking and Evolution of Solar Active Regions
Cavalier, ThomasVolumizerInflatable Icons as 3D Web App
Cavanaugh, CharlesMOLDOnline Documentor's Workbench
Cephers, AaronNimbusDatabase Reporting and Workflow Management on the Cloud
Cer, DanielSPIDERLow-Cost Robotic Control System
Cha, JunCommunication BytesA Voice Capable Remote Information Presentation System
Chae, HyeawoniColumboPrint Expert System
Chakravorty, MeenakshyBabel FishTool Integration Environment: A Flexible Data Access and Retrieval Engine
Chan, -- An Event-Based Social Network
Chan, Randallkemo sabeA Real Time Streaming Server
Chandler, ZackarychaiA Java-Based SNMP Command Layer
Chang, PeterHALRSS Notification of Software Updates
Chao, MichaelAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Chao, VivianViCoTA Graphical User Interface for the Configuration of HP OpenView
Charrier, MichaelObsideoHaunted: Mystery at White Manor
Chase, DanielTurnAboutA Multi-Player Network Game of Medieval Conquest
Cheema, MuneebFREDA Solaris File System Reader, Editor, and Debugger
Chen, PeiSMILEAn Interactive Multi-media Tutorial Engine
Cheng, AndyWindixConversion of EDIX to Support Windowing Environments
Chhabra, BhavnaSTARRSSA Comprehensive Environmental Model for the Utility Industry
Chhour, SimonBarkerIndustry Price Tracking and Comparison System
Chickles, DerekSCATGraphical Interface for Fluid Dynamics
Chickles, JustinGUESSGraphical Satellite Status Visualization
Choi, HongProject GSVoice Automated Help Desk
Christmas, PatrickLatteRemote Support Jiro Service
Church, ShaneSOAP On A ROPEA SOAP/Linux LONWORKS Network Services Server
Churchwell, ChrisMOLDOnline Documentor's Workbench
Cieslar, MarkAQUAAn Underwater 3D Video Game
Cilke, DainLivingVindonissaWorld Wide Vindonissa
Cizik, RobertWebucateEducation over the Web
Clabaugh, ChristopherLunchHourLocal Area Network Performance Management Database
Clabaugh, ErinSWIFTTrue Customer Care - Interactive Sessions
Clary, PatrickDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Clausen, BethLunchHourLocal Area Network Performance Management Database
Clements, DavidMIDaSWeb-Based, Interactive Meteorological Display System
Clyne, JohnCtransC Version of the NCAR Computer Graphics Metafile Translator
Cobb, RonaldATTWorkA System Performance Monitoring Workstation
Colagrosso, Matthew (Matty)JiroScopeJiro Command Line Interface Console
Collier, TylerBlue SteelWeb-based System to Support Families with High Need Children
Collins, EricActiveClassActiveClass-Wireless Technology for the Apprentice Learning and Design Environment
Colnick, ErikinfoSTATWeb-Based Interface to a Heterogeneous Hospital Information System
Conley, BrandenWACHidden Object Game Concept for the Nintendo DS
Cook, AllenProteusA Simulation Game Authoring Tool for Next Generation Pocket PCs
Cooper, Brian3D HAMA 3D Graphical Environment for Human Performance Modeling
Cooper, JoelFrame Logic 2.0Retail Picture Framing and Art Gallery Point of Sale System
Cooper, RussellWebsterAutomated Scheduling and Delivery of Advertising for the World Wide Web
Corliss, Christophercray watchMachine Room Diagnostic Daemon
Cornilsen, ErikMerlinMultiple Image Transform and Segmentation Engines
Correll, MickeyGeneJACKETGraphical Platform for Manipulating Biological Regulatory Pathways
Coslor, ChrisCAMPSStandard Generalized Markup Language Viewer Toolkit
Cosman, DouglasWebsterAutomated Scheduling and Delivery of Advertising for the World Wide Web
Cottrell, StevenProteusA Simulation Game Authoring Tool for Next Generation Pocket PCs
Cowan, SeantriPhiInteractive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone
Coyer, RyanSPEEDSecurity and Privacy Enhanced Encrypted Document Management System
Craig, JasonLeaderBoardAthletic Event Scheduling Engine
Craun, WayneGene PoolWeb-Based Interface for Accessing Genomics Data
Crawl, DanielAWOLAudio Over the Internet
Crockett, RobertJiroScopeJiro Command Line Interface Console
Croll, SerinaOlympiaA Timing System for Cross Country and Biathlon Races
Crosby, MatthewCanaryAn Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
Crossman, Edward (Ted)SLICE2D Graphics Widgets for Visualization Application
Crosswhite, JoelRadiCalRadio Interference Calculator
Crowl, MikechaiA Java-Based SNMP Command Layer
Cuffel, TimothyShamanThe Children's Museum of Denver Weather Project
Cummings, AaronObsideoHaunted: Mystery at White Manor
Cunningham, ChristianRGSRemote Ground System Support for Satellite Missions
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