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Senior Project Students by Name - B

by Name by Class
Bårnes, CamillaRAWDEALDistributed Data Management System Using Client-Server Technology
Bach, AaronSwitchboardLAMP-Based Web 2.0 Custom CRM Solution
Bachmeyer, Gregcray watchMachine Room Diagnostic Daemon
Baer, EricAutoCatAutomatic Blog Categorization Engine
Bahaziq, AhmedPARATRAKA Graphical Control System for Parabolic Dish Antennas
Baia, AlexQuineAutomatic Ontology Development
Bailey, BradleyVirtual XA Virtual Tour of the Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab
Bailey, ChristopherPIGGMG-Plot: A Plot Interface to GeoScribe
Bailey, JamesLaser MissionInteractive Drawing Tool for Science on a Sphere
Bair, AlisonANDaCon-daAutomated Network Discovery and Configuration
Balasalle, JamesHyDroweBHydrologic Database Web Interface
Ball, BrianDEWEYGraphical Interface for an Adaptive Ultrasonic Imaging System
Ballard, JamesCyklopsAdvanced Image Processing Utilities
Baltzer, ThomasATTWorkA System Performance Monitoring Workstation
Bancroft, JayWindixConversion of EDIX to Support Windowing Environments
Barber, ScottSORIStarOffice-Based Requirements Management
Barela, DanielPSSPsychology Department Senior Assessment Survey
Barklage, MichaelHELP!An Automated HTML Help Builder and Runtime Display Engine
Barnard, DaleGInXGrasp Interpreter for the X Window System
Barnes, JaredPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Barnett, JaredTweekSpacecraft Model Interpretive Language Converter
Barnett, NicholasWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Barnhart, RandallPRISMVisualization of Color Space and Color Transform
Barry, ConnorSORIStarOffice-Based Requirements Management
Barry, JeffreyS.O.S.User Service Request and Tracking System
Bartholomew, CrisWINGAn Interactive Window Interface to NCAR Graphics Libraries
Bartle, ChristopherHOTAutomated Transmission and Management of Requests for Proposals
Basava, ShibaniConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Basava, TejaPicassoSuper Doodle: A Web-Based Freehand Drawing Tool
Bassett, BlairMissingLinkEngineering Graphics System to Printed Circuit Design System Auto-Router Link
Bates, Adamkemo sabeA Real Time Streaming Server
Baucke, JordanNimbusDatabase Reporting and Workflow Management on the Cloud
Bauman, AdamWWFA Speech-Enabled Banking Application for Handheld Devices
Bauman, BrandontriPhiInteractive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone
Bazyl, EugeneRGSRemote Ground System Support for Satellite Missions
Bean, GregoryNOMOSSROCK Knowledge Base Editor
Beaudoin, RichardUMCDistributed Wiring Harness Communications Framework
Beauregard, DerekeMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Bell, DavidSegoviaA Visual Development Environment for Menuet/CX
Bell, TimothyUnigraphC Language Scientific Graphic Library for Maps and Contours
Bello, SarahSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Belmear, KennethSTRAPPSA Tool for Construction of Functional Models of Distributed Applications and Protocols
Bender, AdamMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Bender, MatthewHITMEChampionship Solitaire
Bendixen, DerekWeaseldorffChampionship Rummy for Handheld Devices
Bennett, CarriganGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Benson, DavidHITVHardware Independent Interactive TV System
Bereznak, TobinWeaseldorffChampionship Rummy for Handheld Devices
Bergseth, JanASDIA Graphical Interface to Automated Software Distribution
Berkebile, ScottElmoAn Application for Creating Interactive and Evolvable Web Sites
Bernstein, MichaelredeyeSoftware Control for Planetarium Laser Displays
Bertman, JustinRainOrderE-Commerce Order Fulfillment System
Betterton, DaleWWFA Speech-Enabled Banking Application for Handheld Devices
Bhat, SidharthHuGe ManTrace File Assembler for Genomics Research
Bidwell, Teresa (Teri)NOMOSSROCK Knowledge Base Editor
Billingsley, BrendanCronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
Bir, SunjitthinCDistributed Computing Model for Network-Enabled Devices
Bir, TimsyBubblesInflatable Icons for Game Authoring
Birkelund, JanECLIPSSEGPSSIM: Satellite Simulation for Microsoft Windows
Bjorg, SteveMindTouchComputer Assistant for a Person with Autism
Black, JohnHeMenA User Friendly Interface to Helium Properties Code
Bloemendaal, ToddthinCDistributed Computing Model for Network-Enabled Devices
Blondeau, Aaron(3)NetNetwork Monitoring Extension
Blouin, JamesSwitchboardLAMP-Based Web 2.0 Custom CRM Solution
Bobich, BrianconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Bock, DavidSMILEAn Interactive Multi-media Tutorial Engine
Boehm, AndrewSoftCOREHVAC Control System for a Solar House
Boes, KirstinHoverA 3D Hovercraft Flight Simulator
Boggs, AdamXidentSchematic Spreadsheet Design for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Boggs, ChadwickTAATactical Asset Allocation
Bokinsky, AlexandraValkyrieAirborne Data Acquisition Quality Control and Analysis System
Bollig, ScottSAMSATSatellite Arsenal Management Simulation and Analysis Tool
Bollinger, James (Jimmy)PDHPayload Data Historian
Bondeson, ChristopherRhea's AimAutomated Human Resources Employee Management System
Bondurant, MatthewVanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Bonig, MatthewAceDistributed Application to Track Sales and Support Tickets
Boote, JeffreyXCOEDX Window System Colormap Editor
Booth, BrandonRachSolidJava-Based Piano Tutor
Borer, JacobHuGe ManTrace File Assembler for Genomics Research
Bostley, PhilSTRAPPSA Tool for Construction of Functional Models of Distributed Applications and Protocols
Boughton, Alexandra (Alex)ICUPAndroid-Based Interface to Lokalite
Bourgeois, Michelle!LOSTVehicle Digital Assistant
Bowman, JonathanRGSRemote Ground System Support for Satellite Missions
Boyce, Ivyl IVMIBSMIBS/LIBS Spectroscopy Software
Bradley, WilliamCardiac ArrestChampionship Hearts
Braeckel, BrianTouchUpA Multi-User, Touch-Based Drawing Program
Brancato, JamesATTWorkA System Performance Monitoring Workstation
Braucher, JeffreyskynetSoftware for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Braun, DavidDigiPlumbA General Purpose Function Network Workbench and Simulator
Brazier, KennethMIBSMIBS/LIBS Spectroscopy Software
Brecht, ThomasWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Brewster, MarkGOOSEBi-directional GUI for the Global Positioning System
Brinkhoff, JustinThe Valdez ProjectDistributed Agent Compiler
Brinkman, AlexRADWebWeb Portal Creation and Management System
Brinkman-Davis, ShaneMountain Climbing PotatoWeb Site Thumbnail Generator
Brisnehan, BrianAsdapiA System for Determining Product Interoperability
Bronder, MatthewTonDefA CD-ROM Based Digital Tone Standard for Telephone Equipment
Brookman, KenCommunication BytesA Voice Capable Remote Information Presentation System
Brooks, SwainVISRDigital Image Shape Recognition
Broomer, SethVisiCallA Call Record Visualization Tool for Call Centers
Brothers, CoreycapsterInteractive Set-Top Box Application Server
Brown, DavidSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Brown, HamptonNimbusDatabase Reporting and Workflow Management on the Cloud
Brown, JeremyHITVHardware Independent Interactive TV System
Brown, TroyDanceDanceChampionship Texas Hold 'em
Brown, TylerTouchUpA Multi-User, Touch-Based Drawing Program
Brucker, DeidreSOAP On A ROPEA SOAP/Linux LONWORKS Network Services Server
Bruels, RyanOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Brynhildsen, TorThe ScreamMenuet/CX Paint
Bubernak, ChristopherWaldoDynamic Call Handling Solution
Buck, RyanSegaWorkgroup Management Suite
Buckingham, JasonPSSPsychology Department Senior Assessment Survey
Bucknam, BrianSAMSATSatellite Arsenal Management Simulation and Analysis Tool
Budman, LucasDIGAMONDatabase Information Gathering for Marketing Online
Burchett, MichaelDDSRDeleted Data Space Release
Buresh, JacquelineGot MilkThe Online Grocery Store
Burgess, RobertMissingLinkEngineering Graphics System to Printed Circuit Design System Auto-Router Link
Burhenn, JakeLEMLaboratory Equipment Manager
Burin, MichealPlaneFunA 2D Sprite Engine
Burnett, AlexmasterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Burnham, JamesBREWX Window System Based Image Display Utility
Burr, AndrewRAFNetwork Monitoring and Configuration
Burry, PaulSUNBURNAn Interactive User Interface for a Solar Building Educational Tool
Busch, KeithconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Butler, WilliamOasisOnline Academic Advising System
Butter, DianaSPECTREA Classroom-Friendly Technique for Viewing Solid Objects
Buzbee, ThomascomradWeb-Based Community Radio Administration
Bylund, MarkusEverestRe-design and Re-implementation of the MacroScope Programming Language
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