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Senior Project Students by Class - 2004-2005

by Name by Class
Al-Ali, YousefPARTYLAN Party Management System
Albair, MichaelSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Andersen, DerekGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Anderson, NelsMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Ashok, DivyaConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Barnes, JaredPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Barnett, NicholasWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Basava, ShibaniConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Beauregard, DerekeMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Bello, SarahSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Bender, AdamMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Bennett, CarriganGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Bobich, BrianconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Brecht, ThomasWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Brown, DavidSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Bruels, RyanOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Busch, KeithconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Chae, HyeawoniColumboPrint Expert System
Chao, MichaelAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Clary, PatrickDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
de Vesine, Laura Caitlin RassbachGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Dowty, MicahDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Gawande, TruptiConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Good, MatthewPARTYLAN Party Management System
Gromov, AlexanderPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Haley, EricStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Harmon, JulieiColumboPrint Expert System
Harris, TrevorStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Hassani, AliEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Huynh, PhaGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Janos, BenjaminPARTYLAN Party Management System
Jenchura, MarcconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Jewett, JoshuaEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Jones, Gerald (Jay)OrinElectronic Dental Charting
Joseph, NicholaseMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Koelling, TroyOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Kowalewski, DanielOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Kraft, AaronEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Kulkarni, GauravMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Kumar, AnuradhaMirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Lam, BrianWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Lamb, NicholaseMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Le, PhongGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Lee, HyunEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Lefebvre, BrettconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Legary, JustinALICE3D Media Player
Linton, ChristopherPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Lueth, DanielALICE3D Media Player
Machaj, PiotrPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Magill, AndrewPARTYLAN Party Management System
Magill, ChristopherPARTYLAN Party Management System
Maitin, JohnSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Malavasic, ChandraiColumboPrint Expert System
Marsh, BenjaminALICE3D Media Player
Meier, NealALICE3D Media Player
Meng, EmilGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Mills, PaulPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Millsfield, JoshuaWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Nouis, ChadAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Nzuonkwelle, TedPROMANLaboratory Partner Web Portal
Overstreet, BrianeMediaMulti-Media Caller ID
Patterson, JasonDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Pelton, JasonAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Peters, BrettWhite GoldNordic Event Timing System
Porter, CooperALICE3D Media Player
Predaina, ChristineDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Prestopnik, JulieGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Reardon, ScottGrowthThree-Dimensional Botanical-Design Tool for Children
Rizzi, JeffreyconcordTechnical Conference Administration System
Robler, PrestonSpiralTurntable Control and Instrumentation Interface
Sanders, Isaac (Zack)MirageLocation-Based Spatial Wiki
Sawant, GeetaConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Smith, Alfred IIIOrinElectronic Dental Charting
Stokes, JohnEscherJava-Based Game Rendering Engine
Strickland, James (Jay)iColumboPrint Expert System
Sullivan, DanielAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Svirsky, EdwardGuten-VinciReliable and Secure Multicast Software Delivery
Talbert, CraigAspenReal Public Radio Network Content Management System
Velez Morales, CristobalConfesKWeb-based Conference Room Scheduling System
Villar, CarlosStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Vinson, BenjaminStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Vu, Thuy-TrangiColumboPrint Expert System
Wendel, DouglasDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Womack, JasonPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Wonders, WarrenStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Young, ByronPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
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