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Senior Project Sponsors by Class - 2001-2002

by Name by Class
AgentSheets, Inc.
ProteusA Simulation Game Authoring Tool for Next Generation Pocket PCs
Anark Corporation
masterBeatA System for General Pattern Recognition
Array BioPharma
ForgeA Virtual Chemical Library Design Workbench
Aspex POS
Isle ProwessA Wireless Point of Sale System
Colorado Frame Company
Frame Logic 2.0Retail Picture Framing and Art Gallery Point of Sale System
Creative Authoring, Inc.
Card SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
Dan Connors
OneBookOneBook Educational Technology
ANDaCon-daAutomated Network Discovery and Configuration
RAFNetwork Monitoring and Configuration
IBM Corporation
ApolloA Tool for Testing the Security of Web Applications
Idol Minds Digital Entertainment
VanilliA Speech Analysis Tool for Facial Animation
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
SatisTraktionSpacecraft Status Visualization
Level 3 Communications, Inc.
(3)NetNetwork Monitoring Extension
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
RadiCalRadio Interference Calculator
netLibrary, Inc.
BrowseA Browsable Subject Hierarchy for E-Books
Paragon Consultants, Inc.
Card SharkElectronic Flashcard Development System
WebucateEducation over the Web
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
TritiumExecutive Summary Report System
Tor Mohling
CronosA Prototype Software Model for the Board Game TITAN
United States Olympic Committee
OlympiaA Timing System for Cross Country and Biathlon Races
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Gene PoolWeb-Based Interface for Accessing Genomics Data
Web Mountain Technologies
MC PenguinHome Media Server
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