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Senior Project - VisiCall


A Call Record Visualization Tool for Call Centers

Senior Project: 1997-1998
Seth Broomer, Joseph Fischer, Witaria Futanto and Jeffrey Orford
Global Business Communications
Westminster, CO

Lucent Technologies is adopting state-of-the-art data visualization technologies to effectively monitor operations of large, complex, distributed call centers. A call center consists of a telephone switching system to route incoming calls from customers to one of any number of available agents, who actually take the call and talk to the customer. Call centers are used for handling airline reservations, catalog ordering, and technical help lines for instance. The goal of this project was to use Bell Labs state-of-the-art visualization technology to develop a system to display and analyze very large numbers of call records.

A call center can handle an extremely large number of calls each day. There is one call record for each call in the switch. The software allows a user to visualize the call records to understand whether the call center is meeting its objectives. Some examples of typical objectives are

  • How quickly are phone calls being answered?

  • Do the high priority calls get high priority treatment?

  • Do the agents spend too much (or too little) time with the callers?

  • Do agents work on the right set of calls given their skills?

  • Do callers spend too much time in "voice mail hell"?

The software allows a user to select data of interest and then bring up visual representations of its components as bar graphs, histograms, and flow graphs. The project was implemented in Java using an object-oriented approach and runs under Windows 95.

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