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Senior Project - triPhi


Interactive WiFi Hotspot Geomapping on the iPhone

Senior Project: 2008-2009
Brandon Bauman, Sean Cowan, En-Jay Hsu, David Knutzen and Adam Mork
Tokyo, Japan

Con-X Corporation is a small, Tokyo-based company specializing in development of "intelligent mobile connectivity" technology. Con-X works closely with major companies in the telecom, handset, and automotive industries. Apart from the main office in Tokyo, Con-X also maintains a Wireless Connectivity Lab in Boulder and partner associates in Germany.

To promote the use of "intelligent mobile connectivity," Con-X has become interested in software than can aid a user in both finding and choosing WiFi hotspots in the vicinity of the user. The project goal was to develop a WiFi hotspot mapping application for the iPhone 3G using the cellular phone's built-in GPS capability.

To achieve this goal, an interactive map-based application was created for the iPhone 3G. The application allows a user to search anywhere in the world using 3G, Edge, or wireless connectivity for WiFi connections that fit one's needs. As with other iPhone applications, the GUI is simple and intuitive. Only a few touches allow a user to perform any of the functions associated with the application. Hotspots are represented by colored dots on a map, along with pop-up information about a hotspot when it is tapped.

The application also offers a dynamic hotspot database which sets it apart from existing hotspot repositories. Initially seeded with AT&T hotspots as well as T-Mobile hotspots, the database can easily be changed and updated. Any user can upload any hotspot within the wireless range capabilities of the iPhone, so it is easy to add a hotspot if a user would like other users to be able to find their hotspot.

System features include the following:

  • Filter hotspots to user's needs

  • Upload hotspots to add to the database

  • Offline mode for use when no internet connectivity is available

  • Geo-searching, allowing a user to find hotspots at any location regardless of the user's current location

  • Map update based on user's location

  • Automatic connectivity to chosen wireless networks

  • Interactive map, allowing map movement and map zoom in/out, as well as pop-up information on each hotspot

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