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Senior Project - StrangeBREW


BREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game

Senior Project: 2004-2005
Eric Haley, Trevor Harris, Carlos Villar, Benjamin Vinson and Warren Wonders
Boulder, CO

QUALCOMM, based in San Diego, CA, spearheads the evolution and growth of 3G wireless by developing innovative products and end-to-end solutions for CDMA2000 and WCDMA network operators and manufacturers, as well as other participants in the wireless value chain such as applications developers, publishers and content providers. QUALCOMM Internet Services (QIS), a division of the QUALCOMM Wireless & Internet group, is focused on next-generation wireless applications and services that will combine data and voice capabilities to better suit consumer needs in a converged wireless-Internet world. One of its products is BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless).

BREW as an end-to-end service. Publishers and developers create applications in the language of their choice and offer them to BREW operators. Operators use the BREW virtual marketplace to acquire applications and offer them to their subscribers. Handset manufacturers use BREW tools to rapidly respond to operator requirements. Subscribers preview and purchase applications from their phone. BREW facilitates subscriber billing and settlement to publishers, developers and their partners through the BREW Distribution System.

The BREW environment exposes a standard set of APIs consistently across all BREW phones, allowing publishers and developers to provide compelling applications and content that are platform independent. The BREW execution environment integrates closely with the BREW Distribution System and allows the subscriber to shop through the QUALCOMM-provided MobileShop and Application Manager, or through a browser on the phone. The BREW Software Developers Kit (SDK) helps developers get started by providing general development and debugging tools, sample applications with source code, reference materials and user guides as well as a phone emulator that lets developers run applications in their own development environment before they begin device testing.

This project is an application that utilizes version 2.1 of the BREW SDK. The project demonstrates the graphical, networking, sound, and storage capabilities of BREW. Ice Cream Baron, the application, is a tycoon style business game, which simulates the operations of running an ice cream retailer. The user controls many variables, and deals with possible problems that exist to determine whether the business is profitable or not.

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