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Senior Project - SPECTRE


A Classroom-Friendly Technique for Viewing Solid Objects

Senior Project: 2002-2003
Diana Butter, Jeremy Garcia, Ryan Lewis and Tyler Nielsen

Many students have difficulty visualizing three dimensional images when what is presented to them is two dimensional -- be it a drawing on the board or a picture in a book. While some computer programs can let you "manipulate" three dimensional objects, so as to view them from different angles, the student is still seeing the object on a two dimensional surface -- the computer screen.

The idea behind this project was to present these images to students in the way they should be presented -- three dimensionally. This allows the student to actually walk around the object, view it from different angles, and get a better feeling and understanding of the image presented.

The software is a basic editing tool that allows users to create a "scene" or collection of three dimensional shapes (be it cubes, spheres, etc). The system then takes these shapes and creates a series of "slices" (two dimensional intersections of the objects at regular intervals) and prints these out onto transparencies. When these transparencies are layered (with a bit of room between them) over a light source, the viewer sees a remarkable recreation of the entire object. The software was implemented in Java.

User Interface
User Interface
Display Device
Display Device
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