Project Mayhem: Demonstration Movie

The following is a transcript of the video clip "Project Mayhem Demonstration Movie":

Narrator: Meet Simone. He's a fun-loving CU student.

(Simone is walking around the CU campus and on "The Hill" in Boulder.)

Narrator: Simone enjoys walking around Boulder talking to the ladies.

(Simone attempts to talk to a young woman.)

Narrator: Oops, not that one.

(The woman walks away from Simone.)

Narrator: Simone has a bit of a problem sometimes. Would you look at the time?

(Simone checks the time on his cell phone.)

Narrator: Uh oh! Forgot another appointment.

(Simone slaps his forehead with his hand.)

Narrator: Simone could use the "Project Mayhem Location-Based Reminder System".

("Project Mayhem: A Location-Based Reminder System [LBRS]" appears on the screen.)

Narrator: Simone gets the reminder system, installs it on his phone and sets up the defaults. He enters his default city, state, zip. He then enters the default proximity for reminders ... 100 meters. He saves the defaults. And off he goes!

(Simone walks around the CU campus.)

Narrator: Hey look! Simone meets his friend, Phil. "Hey Phil."

(Simone greets and shakes hands with Phil.)

Narrator: Phillip tells Simone about the delicious sushi he just ate at the Hapa. Simone decides he wants to try it for himself.

(Simone flips open his cell phone and begins entering data.)

Narrator: He adds a location into his reminder system. He enters "Hapa" and tells it to do an address search. When it comes back with the results, he selects the Hapa that he wants to visit. When he does this, it goes out and gets the lat/long of that Hapa. Simone will never see the lat/long, but it's used by the system. When it returns it fills out his location fields including phone number. Now Simone is ready to do a reminder for that location.

(Simone completes entry of the data for the reminder.)

Narrator: After naming his reminder, he selects the location to associate with it. He then enters a message so the reminder can remind him what he is supposed to be doing there.

(Simone names the reminder "sushi" with a message of "get wasabi".)

Narrator: This time he leaves the proximity at 100 meters. He verifies that it's active and he saves it. Simone thanks Phil for the advice. Philip also mentions that he had great tacos at Illegal Pete's the night before. Simone wants to try these tacos as well. He adds another location.

(Simone flips open his cell phone and enters "Illegal Pete's".)

Narrator: Again, the address search returns multiple results. He selects the one he wants, checks that the fields are filled out correctly, and saves it. Again, he's ready to add a reminder. He adds "buy tacos" reminder. This is what he filled in. It's active.

(Simone names the reminder "buy taco" with the message "buy a good taco with guacamole".)

Narrator: Thanks a lot Phil. See you. And he's off again.

(Simone walks around the CU campus and The Hill.)

Narrator: It doesn't take Simone long to forget what he was doing.

(Simone talks to a young woman.)

Narrator: He sure is a lady's man.

(Simone talks to two young women.)

Narrator: Simone is having a great time.

(Simone skips down the sidewalk and does a few push ups and then starts a conversation with another young woman.)

Narrator: This time, during Simone's deep conversation with this girl, he feels something.

(Simone checks his cell phone. The "buy taco" reminder with the message "buy a good taco with guacamole" appears on the screen.)

Narrator: He is getting a reminder. Oh yeah! Simone, you're supposed to buy tacos. You're near Illegal Pete's. There it is!

(Illegal Pete's restaurant is right across the street.)

Narrator: Thanks to "Project Mayhem's Location-Based Reminder System", Simone goes into Illegal Pete's and buys some tacos.

("Yum Yum ... a few hours later" appears on the screen.)

Narrator: Simone enjoyed the tacos and a few hours later we catch up with him. There's Simone again. He sure does love CU.

(Simone is wandering around campus and The Hill.)

Narrator: Yup, same old Simone.

(Simone stops to talk to three young women.)

Narrator: Once again he has other things on his mind.

(Simone walks to The Hill and stops to talk with two young women and pets their dog.)

Narrator: Oops! Another reminder.

(Simone checks his cell phone and slaps the top of his head. Hapa Sushi is nearby.)

Narrator: Oh look! It's the Hapa. Time to try that wasabi.

(Simone enters Hapa Sushi.)

Narrator: Well ... thanks Simone! See ya!

("THE END: Project Mayhem's LBRS" appears on the screen.)