Birdfeeder: Commercial Video

The following is a transcript of the video clip "Birdfeeder Commercial Video":

("Dine-n-Dash" appears on the screen.)

Narrator: So you're out to dinner with a couple of your friends. When the bill arrives, how are you going to pay?

Narrator: With Dine-n-Dash, it's as easy as one, two, three.

(A "Receipt Code" is entered into a form and "Submit" is selected.)

Narrator: Just choose what you want to pay for.

(A list of items -- burgers, fries, etc. -- purchased appears. User selects some items to pay for in full.)

Narrator: Split it up amongst your friends.

(User selects some items to pay only a part of.)

Narrator: Set your gratuity.

(Gratuity is set to "22.5%".)

Narrator: And pay.

(User enters name and credit card information and selects "Submit Payment".)

(A "SUCCESS!" confirmation appears.)

("It's that easy." ... "Surprise!" ... "Dine-n-Dash" appears on the screen.)