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Senior Project - SHOGuN


Online Sales Tool for Order Creation

Senior Project: 1999-2000
Kimberly Henderson, Huda Khan, Ashley Lai, Michael Regert and Debra Witman

StorageTek sells a wide array of products that may be configured together in a wide variety of combinations and sold in a single package. The configuration of these systems can be relatively complex. Various components must be selected and placed into racks; accessories and options appropriate to the configured system must be chosen; and building parts lists and sales order forms must be generated.

The goal of this project was to develop a web-based GUI to allow sales people to easily perform sales order creation. It allows the user to select the desired components and place them into racks. Once components are selected, the user may choose appropriate accessories and options. Finally, a bill of materials and order confirmation forms are generated. The system was developed using HTML/CGI and Java.

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