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Senior Project - Segovia


A Visual Development Environment for Menuet/CX

Senior Project: 1993-1994
David Bell, Trevor Somers and Zachary Ullevig
Boulder, CO

Autumn Hill Software provides graphics development tools to the professional programmer for the DOS, MS-Windows, and OS/2 operating systems. One of its products is Menuet/CX, a Multi-Platform Graphical User Interface Application Framework providing a single API for multiple operating and windowing systems. This project entailed creating a visual development environment for Menuet/CX. In this environment, a user is able to graphically construct a user interface consisting of windows, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, icons, text fields, and other similar user interface components. The positions and sizes of these components, as well as many other of their attributes, such as color and fonts, can be controlled. Once designed, the user interface can be saved as resource files and later modified. The system will also allow the user to simulate the usage of the interface, as well as generate C++ code that may be compiled and linked with other code to produce an actual running interface. The system was developed using an object-oriented design and implemented in C++ using Menuet/CX in an MS-DOS environment. Parts of the system's GUI were developed using the system itself.

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