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Senior Project - PoofMe


Augmented Me - Generating Art through Webcam-Based Motion Tracking

Senior Project: 2010-2011
Eric Lundby, Justin Schulwitz and Justin Searles
Boulder, CO

Disney Online Kerpoof Studios is a Boulder-based company that designs web-based applications for children. Being a subsidiary of Disney, Inc. they create many Disney-themed applications. Kerpoof is all about having fun, discovering things, and being creative.

Virtual reality has become an increasingly larger market, and Kerpoof has recognized this. To this end they wanted to explore a virtual reality-style application for children. They wanted to create a webcam application that can record the movements of a person and attach augmented visual effects to the image.

Augmented Me provides an application for children to "draw" with their hands or create interesting and unique animations over themselves and record what they make. Using filters and algorithms designed to be light on performance requirements, the application can pinpoint the center of motion and draw an artistic image on the screen. The application is modularly-constructed to allow easy extension to additional filters and virtual reality effects.

Sobel Filter
Sobel Filter
Convex Hull
Convex Hull
Dual Video
Dual Video
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