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Senior Project - Olive


Online HTML5 Video Editor

Senior Project: 2010-2011
Kirun Agarwal, Alberto Aranda, Victor Forsythe Jr., Myungho Kim and Terry Smith
Denver, CO

ReadyTalk provides audio- and web-conferencing services to teams that need to meet remotely. Founded in 2000, ReadyTalk currently has more than 100 employees with a median age of 29. Since ReadyTalk is a relatively young company in terms of both their existence and work environment, they are interested in exploring new technologies that extend their current services.

One of these new technologies is a web-based video editor. Current web-based video editors often depend on browser plugins such as Flash. These editors are also often feature-rich, which makes them difficult to use for the average user. ReadyTalk was interested in exploring the implementation of a plugin-free, easy-to-use, web-based video editor.

ReadyTalk's solution comes in the form of Olive, an OnLIne Video Editor. Olive uses the latest web technologies, most notably the HTML5 <video> tag, to provide a clean, easy-to-use video-editing interface. The <video> tag allows videos to be played in the browser without the use of external plugins. Users are able to upload videos to Olive, edit their videos using commands such as "Split" and "Combine", and download the edited video to their computer. Olive makes use of services such as Zencoder, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and FFmpeg.

Video:  Video: Olive Demonstration  Transcript: Olive Demonstration  Online HTML5 Video Editor
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