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Senior Project - JJAMM -- An Event-Based Social Network

Senior Project: 2008-2009
Joe Chan, Matanya Horowitz, Jarret Lavallee, Alexander (Alex) Nikolayevsky and Mathew Strauss
Superior, CO

With the recent advent of social networking portals, there has been rapid growth in terms of the potential for users to connect and find new ways to interact. In spite of this growth both in terms of community and research, the social graph has not been harnessed to provide unique, new services to users. The potential for recommendations, both in terms of new associations as well as things to do, have not been explored. It is this potential service that wishes to provide.

The rise of social networking has brought about a revolution in the way individuals interact with not only their computers but also with their friends and associates. Powerful applications have emerged based on the online networks and relationships that have formed. Perhaps the greatest opportunity lies in the ability to help individuals not only stay in touch and communicate, but to help them organize their events and lifestyle.

With social networks and the interactions that they support, a web of communications dubbed "the social graph", it is now possible to create a compelling experience for individuals by systematically analyzing their behavior and organizing their life as well as providing suggestions for future activities. MyJinji seeks to take advantage of this opportunity and build a web community that harnesses the social graph to create event-based social networking that can help users explore new possibilities.

MyJinji provides an interactive website through the use of PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. It relies considerably on the, Prototype.js, and Prototip libraries. These are used in concert to deliver a dynamic experience.

There are no page refreshes on the site, with each individual module, called "plugins", loaded dynamically and intelligently as the user navigates through the site. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and for unprecedented individualization for the user. Furthermore, it allows for the site to be cleanly divided into these individual plugins, each encompassing a logical feature unit for the site. This allows for the site to be structured as a platform, with extensibility coming naturally to the site. The site is therefore also well placed to evolve as user's interests continue to change.

A Jin
A Jin
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