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Senior Project - Janova


Java-Based Jiro Management Console

Senior Project: 2000-2001
Hartwig (John) Kelley, Amy Lai, Dong Nguyen, Chienchi Sadoff and Kenneth West
Network Storage Group
Broomfield, CO

Sun Microsystems is a worldwide manufacturer of computer workstations, servers, and software, founded with a driving vision of computers that talk to each other no matter who built them, a vision in which technology works for the user, not the other way around. Sun developed the extremely popular Java programming language and now has two new technologies called Jini and Jiro that were developed to help bring companies into the network age.

Jini technology provides a distributed computing environment that can offer "network plug and play". A device or a software service can be connected to a network and announce its presence, and clients that wish to use such a service can then locate it and call it to perform tasks. All of this can be used to form an impromptu community -- a community put together without any planning, installation, or human intervention.

Jiro technology implements an infrastructure for creating integrated and automated management software in a distributed, cross-platform environment. Jiro uses Jini connection technology for distributed management across a network. Jiro technology provides a standard, industry-defined middle layer of components and services that facilitate connectivity between managed resources and management applications, i.e. the console that is to be developed.

The "console" developed is a Java program with a GUI front end to expose the management functionality exposed by Jiro-enabled components that are located in the network. It listens for Jini-Lookup registration events and performs lookups of Jiro deployment stations and/or other Jiro-enabled services. The "console" also provides a "navigation" pane on which the Jiro-enabled services that have been discovered on the network are represented. Clicking on the representation of a service triggers a network class loading of the client code for that service, which is launched in an adjacent pane.

Find a Service
Find a Service
Thermostat Service
Thermostat Service
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