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Senior Project - IceHound


Web-Based Alpine Skating Registration and Scheduling System

Senior Project: 2007-2008
Matthew Hilgers, Bongwoo Kim, Jae (Jay) Lim and Shinji Sawada
Littleton, CO

The Alpine Skating Club (ASC) is a not-for-profit amateur ice skating club that sponsors ice skating competitions for skaters of all ages and abilities. Recently, ASC has seen an increased interest in ice skating and an increasing enrollment in their ice skating competitions. ASC has used a paper-based registration and payment system for managing their competitions, which has become increasingly difficult to use. ASC recognized the need for a more automated, online Competition Management System.

This web-based system allows competition chairmen to create ice skating competitions online and then to schedule the various events of the competition. The competition can then be opened to competitors for registration. The competitors can pay registration fees online using PayPal or by check through the mail. Once payment has been verified by the competition chairman, competitors can sign up for the various events in which they would like to compete.

Aside from competition chairmen and competitors, several other types of users are also supported:

  • Referees can modify competition event times to make sure that the competition conforms to United States Figure Skating (USFS) rules. Referees can also post results once events are completed.

  • Coaches can view the registration status of their competitors and send them email reminders if they have not registered for events or have registered for the wrong events.

  • In addition to being able to do everything any other user can do, administrators can also manage all of the users and make sure that the system is always functioning correctly.

The system was implemented using PHP and MySQL.

Schedule a Competition
Schedule a Competition
Schedule an Event
Schedule an Event
Register for a Competition
Register for a Competition
Register for an Event
Register for an Event
Manage Competitors
Manage Competitors
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