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Senior Project - Everest


Re-design and Re-implementation of the MacroScope Programming Language

Senior Project: 1996-1997
Markus Bylund, Eric Eilebrecht and Michael Reed
Boulder, CO

Objective is a software engineering company with its own proprietary language, called MacroScope. MacroScope is an interpreted, high-level, object-driven, English-like language. To speed the interpretation, MacroScope code is first compiled into a compact binary format by a compiler. The compiled files are then interpreted at run-time. MacroScope is particularly suited to the development of data-entry intensive graphical user interfaces.

The purpose of this project was to do a complete re-implementation of MacroScope. This included the formalization of the language, development of a compiler, and redesign and implementation of the run time system. Formalization of the language involved the development of a formal syntax specification, along with a specification of the semantics of the language. The compiler, based on the compiler construction tool ELI, includes pre-processing capabilities, debugging information, and accurate error reporting, as well as generated Java code as output. This generated Java can be compiled and linked with a set of Java classes that form the executable runtime system.

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