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Senior Project - Communication Bytes


A Voice Capable Remote Information Presentation System

Senior Project: 1994-1995
Ken Brookman, Jun Cha, David Edwards and Patrick Mahony
Boulder, CO

This project involved the development of a software package that demonstrates the usefulness of VoiceSpan. VoiceSpan, integrated into many new modems, allows both a data stream and voice to be transmitted over one phone line simultaneously. The project provided a front end, running on a PC, and a back end, running on an AT&T CONVERSANT. The front end provided a generic user interface for the presentation of a variety of styles of selection (such as menus) and "viewing" (such as text, images, and voice) mechanisms that could be used to navigate an arbitrary network of information. The back end provided a mechanism to create the network of information and describe it with a simple scripting language. An execution engine would then interact with the front end over ordinary phone lines to allow the user to navigate the network.

One way that this might be used is for the customer of a real estate agent to be provided with the generic front end. The customer would start the application, connect to the appropriate system, and then make selections to indicate they would like to see a particular home. They would then make choices to see various rooms of the house, while hearing voice descriptions of them. The software was written in C and C++, running under Windows on the PC side, and UNIX on the CONVERSANT side.

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