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Networked Devices and Systems Track: 2010-2011 Requirements


The use of technology is escalating in everyday tasks for communication and collaboration. As we become increasingly dependent on services such as email and cell phones, the demand for interconnection of communication devices and systems grows. It is the role of networked systems professionals to select, design, deploy, integrate, evaluate, and administer network and communication infrastructures. The Networked Devices and Systems track emphasizes courses in

  • deployment of networks with specific design and protocol requirements;

  • applying networking to deploy services in multimedia, information storage and distribution, security, and services on the Internet such as the World Wide Web and email; and

  • operating systems analysis and management.

This track emphasizes a significant understanding of the computer from low-level machine architecture to user-level application and service management. Examples of everyday services managed by networked systems professionals are

  • router and smart switch management for deploying and securing networks;

  • server configuration, management, analysis, modeling, and evaluation; and

  • intrusion prevention and detection, system auditing and forensics.

Network and systems administrators find employment in companies and organizations of every type, from banks to law firms, from universities to the government; each of these institutions needs someone to run their network and email services and to protect private data from outside intruders.

In addition to the degree requirements for all Computer Science majors, the Networked Devices and Systems track has the following requirements specific to the track:

  • Track Foundation

    All of the following courses are required:

  • Track Core

    Four courses selected from the following are required:

  • Track Capstone

    One of the following options is required:

    • CSCI 4123-3, Network Laboratory, CSCI 4133-3, Security Laboratory and CSCI 4143-2, Principles of Telecommunications Policy.

      Prerequisites for Networked Devices and Systems Labs and Seminar are the successful completion of a minimum of 36 credit hours of Computer Science Foundation, Track Foundation, Track Core and Computer Science Electives.

    • CSCI 4950-8, Senior Thesis.

      Senior Thesis may not be taken before the senior year. Prerequisites for Senior Thesis include the successful completion of a minimum of 36 credit hours of Computer Science Foundation, Track Foundation, Track Core and Computer Science Electives. See Senior Thesis for more information.

See the Networked Devices and Systems Flow Chart for a quick overview of all degree requirements for the track.

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