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Undergraduate Advising


There are several different types of advisors available to Computer Science majors. Administrative advisors provide assistance with general issues related to the degree program, while faculty advisors can provide more detailed technical advice on courses, careers and the discipline in general. Additionally, peer advisors provide advice from the perspective of other students.

While advisors are always available to assist students with academic issues, students themselves are responsible for making certain that they understand and satisfy all requirements for graduation. Other useful resources students should investigate include

Administrative Advisors

Students should see an appropriate administrative advisor with questions about degree requirements, course prerequisites, degree audits, petitions, drop/add, general transfer credit evaluation, study abroad and for referrals to additional academic support services within the University.

General Undergraduate Advising
Non-Intra-University Transfers
Study Abroad
Graduate Program
Lesley McDowell
Undergraduate Program Advisor

office: ECOT 727
hours: MTWRF 9:30am-12:00pm, MTWR 1:00pm-4:30pm ... majors; F 1:00pm-4:30pm ... minors, non-majors, prospective students
phone: +1-303-492-6362
email: email
Lesley McDowell photo Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard
Graduate Program Advisor

office: ECOT 725
hours: MTRF 7:30am-4:00pm
phone: +1-303-492-6361
email: email
Jacqueline (Jackie) DeBoard photo
Intra-University Transfers
Mary Steiner
Assistant Dean for Students

office: ECAD 108
phone: +1-303-492-7696
email: email
Mary Steiner photo

Faculty Advisors

Members of the Undergraduate Committee serve as faculty advisors for students at all undergraduate class levels. Students should see a faculty advisor for information about computer science in general, as well as advising on internships, jobs and careers.

Kenneth Anderson
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Chair

office: ECCS 111A
hours: by appointment
phone: +1-303-492-6003
email: email
Kenneth Anderson photo Clayton Lewis

office: ECOT 524
hours: by appointment
phone: +1-303-492-6657
email: email
Clayton Lewis photo
Michael Eisenberg

office: ECOT 736
hours: by appointment
phone: +1-303-492-8091
email: email
Michael Eisenberg photo Elizabeth White

office: ECOT 822
hours: by appointment
phone: +1-303-492-2717
email: email
Elizabeth White photo
Roger (Buzz) King

office: ECOT 749
hours: by appointment
phone: +1-303-437-7419
email: email
Roger (Buzz) King photo    

Peer Advisors

Informal advising is also available from other students. This peer advising complements formal advising provided by administrative and faculty advisors.

  • Engineering Fellows

    Engineering Fellows is an honorary service organization consisting of a select group of academically successful, service-oriented undergraduate students of the College of Engineering and Applied Science who actively seek to promote academic excellence in the College through peer academic support. Each Fellow serves as a subject matter mentor in one or more areas in which they have a comprehensive understanding of the material. Activities of the Fellows include organized tutorials and review sessions for large courses, and scheduled times that they will be available to provide general academic advice and assistance.

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