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Student Directory - Sophomores

by Name by Class
Aaron, Michael D.Sophomoreemail
Acuna, Chris RamonSophomoreemail
Almarzouki, Nadir HamadSophomoreemail
Anders, Zacharia DylanSophomoreemail
Baird, David WilliamSophomoreemail
Bauer, Brian ThomasSophomoreemail
Bertelson, Emily AnneSophomoreemail
Biscardi, Alec R.Sophomoreemail
Broeking, Nicolas Charles HerbertSophomoreemail
Brown, Austin BradfordSophomoreemail
Brown, Benjamin TimothySophomoreemail
Bubernak, Matthew PaulSophomoreemail
Carter, Christopher CharlesSophomoreemail
Charland, Jake S. Jr.Sophomoreemail
Choi, SeongminSophomoreemail
Comerford, Matthew ThorneSophomoreemail
Cook, Jason ChristopherSophomoreemail
Day, Andrew WoodSophomoreemail
Dayton, Isaac Heart-FreemanSophomoreemail
Denton, Robert RyanSophomoreemail
Duren, Malcolm SalimSophomoreemail
Edwards, Samuel RobertSophomoreemail
Escalante, Diego A.Sophomoreemail
Evans, Nicholas AllanSophomoreemail
Feller, Sarah ElizabethSophomoreemail
Fichman, Christopher CroswellSophomoreemail
Flynn, Sierra MaeSophomoreemail
French, Benjamin WarrenSophomoreemail
Graham, Taylor ScottSophomoreemail
Green, Richard AlanSophomoreemail
Gross, Matthew KarlSophomoreemail
Guba, Melissa JeanineSophomoreemail
Haun, Carter SquiresSophomoreemail
Hobbs, Elisa A.Sophomoreemail
Huffman, Justin WilliamSophomoreemail
Hunter, Erik IanSophomoreemail
Isaacs, Nicholas KeithSophomoreemail
Katz, Daniel JosephSophomoreemail
Kim, Byung JunSophomoreemail
Kim, HyohyeonSophomoreemail
Kohn, Taylor BrooksSophomoreemail
Leutenegger, Alexander IvanSophomoreemail
Li, Frances ShiehSophomoreemail
Linan, Derek AndrewSophomoreemail
Macdougall, Colin BoydSophomoreemail
Mahapasuthanon, PattiyaSophomoreemail
Martin, AlecSophomoreemail
Milosevich, Ivan WalterSophomoreemail
Minor, Leslie DoiSophomoreemail
Nichols, VericSophomoreemail
Oakes, David JeffreySophomoreemail
Owens, Antoinette DarleneSophomoreemail
Pachhai, KiranSophomoreemail
Parker, CySophomoreemail
Payne, William ChristopherSophomoreemail
Phipps, BrianSophomoreemail
Pierce, Zachary PaulSophomoreemail
Powell, Justin RichardSophomoreemail
Rahm, Joshua AllenSophomoreemail
Randall, Amy LaneSophomoreemail
Rast, Michael WalterSophomoreemail
Rebhan, Travis JakeSophomoreemail
Reynders, Nicholas JamesSophomoreemail
Rhodes, Derek ChristopherSophomoreemail
Rhodin, Ludvig O.Sophomoreemail
Rumel, Samuel J.Sophomoreemail
Sanford, Hope LorenSophomoreemail
Schneider, Dustin LukeSophomoreemail
Scraggs, Emily JeanSophomoreemail
Skram, Eric MichaelSophomoreemail
Spooner, Thomas BenjaminSophomoreemail
Thomas, HannahSophomoreemail
Vance, Clayton GregorySophomoreemail
Voskoboynik, NikitaSophomoreemail
Weinstein, Brian JacobSophomoreemail
Whalen, Eric DanielSophomoreemail
Williams, Harrison MichaelSophomoreemail
Winterfeld, Michael WilliamSophomoreemail
Wolfe, Mitchell BrooksSophomoreemail
Wolniewicz, Jacob StuartSophomoreemail
Workman, Josiah DanielSophomoreemail

This directory is generated from publicly available data maintained by the University. If you would like your information changed or removed from this Computer Science directory, send mail to Webmaster with the request. If you would like to update your information or have it removed from the University directory, you should be able to do so at

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