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Student Directory - Juniors

by Name by Class
Ablay, Karlissa YsabelJunioremail
Al Sannaa, Adnan AlawiJunioremail
Alawadh, Omro Mohammed O.Junioremail
Aljedawi, Yasmin AhmedJunioremail
Ancmon, Gregory JohnJunioremail
Andrzejewski, Ivona AlinaJunioremail
Barry, Kevin PatrickJunioremail
Bartholomew, Bradley AustinJunioremail
Barton, Michael LeonJunioremail
Beaujon, Noelle ReneeJunioremail
Binkley-Jones, Trystan CharlesJunioremail
Blades, James WeldonJunioremail
Bostrom, Cole MatthewJunioremail
Broddle, Henry MichaelJunioremail
Brummet, Thomas MaxJunioremail
Bryant, Chad HaydenJunioremail
Bunn, Luke MichaelJunioremail
Burda, GeorgiiJunioremail
Burns, Joseph ChristopherJunioremail
Campbell, Terek BraedonJunioremail
Cavins, Benjamin MichaelJunioremail
Chevalier, Casey WarrenJunioremail
Cirbo, Matthew LawrenceJunioremail
Connors, Luke JamesJunioremail
Daisley, Matthew GreerJunioremail
Davis, Aaron S.Junioremail
Dempsey, JensenJunioremail
Dickinson, Katlin DyannJunioremail
DiRenzo, Brennen MichaelJunioremail
Dowlati, JiranJunioremail
Drotar, Alexander PaulJunioremail
England, Donald EugeneJunioremail
Erkenbeck, Nathan MilesJunioremail
Fiedler, Scott DavidJunioremail
Gaylord, Trevor JasonJunioremail
Graham, Michael ScottJunioremail
Groeninger, LukeJunioremail
Hall, Taylor MarshallJunioremail
Haug, Lianne MarieJunioremail
Hinton, Waverly MorganJunioremail
Hoff, Kendall ThomasJunioremail
Huwaidi, Mustafa MohammadJunioremail
Kahn, Erik ErwinJunioremail
Klingner, John GerardJunioremail
Klipfel, Peter L.Junioremail
Koshigoe, James LeeJunioremail
Kubala, Joseph PaulJunioremail
Lanz, John WilliamJunioremail
Larsen, Dane ThorstenJunioremail
Lindholm, Christopher DouglasJunioremail
Lor, Elizabeth DerJunioremail
Macnee, Bradley DouglasJunioremail
Martinez, Alexander StevenJunioremail
McCall, MichaelJunioremail
McClaskey, Christopher MichaelJunioremail
Miller, Andrew RobertJunioremail
Miller, Dylan KendrickJunioremail
Moore, RoanJunioremail
Murtari, Domenic KazuJunioremail
Newgord, Alexia RoseJunioremail
Nguyen, Don Q.Junioremail
Olivas Estebane, Jorge AntonioJunioremail
Olson, Tyler LouisJunioremail
Pelland, Dustin JohnJunioremail
Pham, Katherine KimJunioremail
Pledger, Scott RichardJunioremail
Pohl, Nathaniel FrankJunioremail
Pottinger, A. SamuelJunioremail
Quan, Kira AnnJunioremail
Rader, Jenaer FerueloJunioremail
Rajcevich, Nikolas KielJunioremail
Rashidov, Komram KamelJunioremail
Rieger, Jacob KyleJunioremail
Rivera, Salvador Jr.Junioremail
Rowlands, Richard PaulJunioremail
Samaripa, Byron ThomasJunioremail
Schmitt, Michael DouglasJunioremail
Seigel, Rebecca AnnJunioremail
Sheedlo, Kenneth AndrewJunioremail
Sheng, RyanJunioremail
Simion, Alexandro FlorinJunioremail
Spurgeon, Justin CodyJunioremail
Stanley, Joshua WilliamJunioremail
Stenerson, Kevin RichardJunioremail
Sterling, Christopher BradleyJunioremail
Sui, YuanJunioremail
Tan, Guo HuiJunioremail
Tat, Long CamJunioremail
Thurston, Matthew WaldieJunioremail
Tivona, Devon Mark BlancJunioremail
Tottori, Bryce KazuoJunioremail
Tran, Quang-Minh PaulJunioremail
Tuell, Hannah CelesteJunioremail
Vargas, Patrick EnriqueJunioremail
Wahl, Gregory CharlesJunioremail
Weltman, Alexander BaramJunioremail
Wiese, Sean MichaelJunioremail
Wu, ChengJunioremail

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