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Student Directory - Freshmen

by Name by Class
Ackerman, Alexander FerrisFreshmanemail
Alzerma, Haitham EissaFreshmanemail
Baumgartner, DerekFreshmanemail
Beacher, Jonathan ThomasFreshmanemail
Beckett, Samuel Scott thrushFreshmanemail
Bendel, Christopher AlanFreshmanemail
Bhattacharjee, AnirbanFreshmanemail
Brandt, Michael JonathanFreshmanemail
Brown, Viktor NovakFreshmanemail
Bruffey, Benjamin NeilFreshmanemail
Chen, Cheryl C.Freshmanemail
Choi, SeonghoonFreshmanemail
Courtney, Ian MichaelFreshmanemail
Crimi, Robert PatrickFreshmanemail
Davis, Levi ChaisFreshmanemail
Diller, Zachary TravisFreshmanemail
Dykstra, Heather LareeFreshmanemail
Egelhoff, Skyler WarrenFreshmanemail
Entzel, Kristina ElizabethFreshmanemail
Fackler, David WalterFreshmanemail
Faruque, RamisaFreshmanemail
Fitzpatrick, Douglas ScottFreshmanemail
Gagliardi, Anthony MichaelFreshmanemail
Guerrieri, Connor LangFreshmanemail
Gupta, Divey KumarFreshmanemail
Hardman, CoryFreshmanemail
Horton, SamuelFreshmanemail
Johnson, Eric NormanFreshmanemail
Khajah, MohammadFreshmanemail
Kim, JeeeunFreshmanemail
Klopsch, Samuel OskarFreshmanemail
Li, ShaosongFreshmanemail
Lobato, Eric MatthewFreshmanemail
Manis, PaulFreshmanemail
Miller, Jamie FramptonFreshmanemail
Naoumova, AnnaFreshmanemail
Neri, Janeen MarieFreshmanemail
Pearson, Anna ChelseaFreshmanemail
Raderstrong, JennaFreshmanemail
Ramge, Stuart MaxwellFreshmanemail
Reinwald, DillonFreshmanemail
Renaud, Alexandre ClaudeFreshmanemail
Rosano, Aaron MichaelFreshmanemail
Rothe, Graeme WalkerFreshmanemail
Sexton, Timothy IanFreshmanemail
Shockey, Robert JamesFreshmanemail
Shprengel, AndreyFreshmanemail
Sinha, AkshayFreshmanemail
Skinner, JackFreshmanemail
Spaeth, Connor JamesFreshmanemail
Sriram, SanjanaFreshmanemail
Suarez, TatianaFreshmanemail
Sundararaman, PoornimaFreshmanemail
Wendt, RichardFreshmanemail
Wiley, James BrooksFreshmanemail
Williams, Michael DavidFreshmanemail
Zou, Phillip WangFreshmanemail

This directory is generated from publicly available data maintained by the University. If you would like your information changed or removed from this Computer Science directory, send mail to Webmaster with the request. If you would like to update your information or have it removed from the University directory, you should be able to do so at

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