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Class Schedule - Spring 2008

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CSCI 1240.The Computational World
CSCI 1300.Computer Science 1: Programming
GEEN 1300.Introduction to Engineering Computing
GEEN 1400.Engineering Projects
  • Mechanical Automata
CSCI 2270.Computer Science 2: Data Structures
CSCI 2400.Computer Systems
CSCI 3104.Algorithms
CSCI 3155.Principles of Programming Languages
CSCI 3434.Theory of Computation
CSCI 3656.Numerical Computation
CSCI 3753.Operating Systems
CSCI 4113.UNIX System Administration
CSCI 4123.Network Laboratory
CSCI 4133.Security Laboratory
CSCI 4273.Network Systems
CSCI 4314.Algorithms for Molecular Biology
CSCI 4317.Genome Databases: Mining and Management
CSCI 4318.Software Engineering Project 2
CSCI 4446.Chaotic Dynamics
CSCI 4593.Computer Organization
CSCI 4830.Special Topics in Computer Science
  • Things That Think
  • Game Programming
  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Open Source Development of Cognitive Technology on a Mobile Platform
CSCI 4838.User Interface Design
CSCI 5273.Network Systems
CSCI 5314.Algorithms for Molecular Biology
CSCI 5317.Genome Databases: Mining and Management
CSCI 5454.Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI 5525.Compiler Construction
CSCI 5551.Parallel Processing
CSCI 5622.Machine Learning
CSCI 5673.Distributed Systems
CSCI 5722.Computer Vision
CSCI 5817.Database Systems
CSCI 5828.Foundations of Software Engineering
CSCI 5832.Natural Language Processing
CSCI 6402.Issues and Methods in Cognitive Science
CSCI 6446.Chaotic Dynamics
CSCI 6686.Numerical Methods for Constrained Optimization
CSCI 6838.User Interface Design
CSCI 7000.Current Topics in Computer Science
  • Cryptography
  • Things That Think
  • Game Programming
  • Open Source Development of Cognitive Technology on a Mobile Platform
CSCI 7135.Topics in Programming Languages
  • Types and Programming Languages
CSCI 7412.Cognitive Science Research Practicum
CSCI 7422.Cognitive Science Research Practicum 2
CSCI 7772.Topics in Cognitive Science
CSCI 7782.Topics in Cognitive Science
  • Cognitive Modeling
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Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
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