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Class Schedule - Spring 2006

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CSCI 1200.Introduction to Computing
CSCI 1300.Computer Science 1: Programming
GEEN 1400.Engineering Projects
  • Software Exhibits
CSCI 2270.Computer Science 2: Data Structures
CSCI 2830.Special Topics in Computer Science
  • Educational Technology House
CSCI 3104.Algorithms
CSCI 3155.Principles of Programming Languages
CSCI 3434.Theory of Computation
CSCI 3656.Numerical Computation
CSCI 3753.Operating Systems
CSCI 4113.UNIX System Administration
CSCI 4202.Artificial Intelligence 2
  • Machine Learning
CSCI 4273.Network Systems
CSCI 4318.Software Engineering Project 2
CSCI 4446.Chaotic Dynamics
CSCI 4448.Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CSCI 4576.High-Performance Scientific Computing 1
CSCI 4593.Computer Organization
CSCI 4830.Special Topics in Computer Science
  • Design, Learning and Collaboration
  • Game Programming
  • API Programming
  • The Canon
CSCI 5273.Network Systems
CSCI 5454.Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI 5473.Applied Operating Systems
CSCI 5551.Parallel Processing
CSCI 5576.High-Performance Scientific Computing
CSCI 5722.Computer Vision
CSCI 5817.Database Systems
CSCI 5832.Natural Language Processing
CSCI 6402.Issues and Methods in Cognitive Science
CSCI 6446.Chaotic Dynamics
CSCI 6448.Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CSCI 6622.Advanced Machine Learning
CSCI 6686.Numerical Methods for Constrained Optimization
CSCI 7000.Current Topics in Computer Science
  • Game Programming
  • The Canon
  • Computational Genomics
  • Multimedia Networking
  • ATLAS Interdisciplinary PhD Seminar
  • Designing the Future Internet
CSCI 7135.Topics in Programming Languages
  • Program Analysis
CSCI 7212.Topics in Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
  • Design, Learning and Collaboration
CSCI 7412.Cognitive Science Research Practicum
CSCI 7762.Readings and Research in Cognitive Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:28)