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Colloquium - Mishra

Distributed Computing: From Building Highly Available Intrusion Tolerant Systems to Loosely Coupled Wireless and Sensor Networks
Department of Computer Science

The field of distributed computing has evolved from building infrastructure-based distributed services into wireless and mobile computing, pervasive computing, sensor networks and ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, mobile social networks, and many other interesting fields. Indeed, nearly every computing service that we use today is distributed in nature. In this talk, I will provide an overview of my research in distributed computing over the last six years, ranging from building highly available, scalable and fault-tolerant web server architecture to collecting contact rates among free-ranging mule deer in wilderness environment. I will then discuss three projects in detail:

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:13)