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Colloquium - Gunningberg

Relocation and Mobility in a Wireless Sensor Network
Uppsala University, Sweden

Sensei-UU is a wireless sensor testbed under development at Uppsala University. It features mobile heterogenous sensors, repeatability, reproducibility and relocation. The talk will focus on these features. Standard 802.11g routers are used for the backbone connecting sensor nodes and for observing/controlling the system. This make the testbed relocatable to different environments, including the intended target environment. Mobility is based on inexpensive standard (Lego) robots that carry sensors and move around according user specified scripts. The robots are easy to reproduce at other sites and the same script can be used in different environments.

The testbed is typically used to evaluate WSN applications when sensor nodes move in meters rather than millimeters, e.g. when human carries a mobile data sink (mobile phone) collecting data while passing fixed sensor nodes. We find that our robot localization is accurate to ?1 cm and variations in link characteristics are acceptably low to capture fading phenomena in IEEE 802.15.4.

I will in the talk show our repeatable experiment results from three environments, two university corridors and from an anechoic chamber. The talk will be concluded with an overview of the WSN Center of Excellence Wisenet that is established at Uppsala.

Per Gunningberg is the director of the Vinnova Excellence Center WISENET and is leading the Computer Communication group CoRe, at the department of Information Technology. The group consists of four senior researchers and five graduate students who do experimental research within wireless mobile and sensor networking. Their most recent work includes test-beds for wireless sensor and opportunistic networking, and vertical handover of voice streams.

He holds a PhD from Uppsala University since 1983, and a MS from University of California Los Angeles, 1981. Before joining Uppsala University in 1995 he was at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. He has been an associate editor for the IEEE Transaction of Mobile Computing and Computer Networks. In June 2006 he co-organized ACM MobiSys. He is a co-founder of the startup companies OptiMobile (2003) and WISENET Holding AB (2007).

Hosted by Timothy Brown.
Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:13)