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Colloquium - Braam

Towards APIs for Clustered Data Management
Peter Braam
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

In this talk, inspired by working on the Lustre cluster file system during the last ten years, we will take a tour of transient features that are required for recovery and data management to work at scale. Scale now mean handling 100's of servers and tens of thousands of clients in larger data centers, often with replicas spanning the globe.

Things that we will look at are search, striping, clustering of metadata services and its recovery, caching and replication as well as HSM, migration and other data management features. Currently such features are implemented in an ad-hoc manner, deep in the guts of many systems, but what I hope to demonstrate during this talk is that there is an opportunity to define a concise API that enables all of them.

Dr. Peter Braam is a specialist in distributed file systems and runs Braam Research, a small research group focusing on distributed storage software. He was the founder and CEO of Cluster File Systems, Inc. which, without outside investments, developed the Lustre file system. Lustre now powers almost half of the world's top 100 computers and has achieved outstanding bandwidth and scalability goals. CFS and Lustre were acquired by Sun in Oct 2007, where Peter served as a vice president finishing the transition and advising Sun on storage software strategy. Apart from Lustre he is also known for work on the Coda and InterMezzo file systems.

Braam received his PhD in 1987 in pure mathematics and subsequently worked with top scientists while holding tenured faculty positions at Utah and Oxford, where he began to teach Computer Science in 1992. He joined Carnegie Mellon's faculty in 1996 where he led the Coda project for three years. In 1999 he began to commit most of his time to the Linux industry as a part time Cluster and File Systems Architect for Red Hat. Peter has a strong interest in software design and architecture methodology and works on this with the SEI.

Hosted by Dirk Grunwald.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:13)