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Colloquium - Lowy

Component Oriented Development Process
Juval Lowy
IDesign, Inc.

.NET is more than a set of application frameworks. It is a component technology. When you develop a component-oriented software product, it would be naive of you to expect that the only things you will do differently will be limited to design and technology. The development process itself needs to be component-oriented. You cannot "stare into the fire" of .NET without a mature component-oriented process supporting your development. This talk presents you with a component-oriented development process that you can apply to your .NET-based products to achieve robust applications, manage requirements and ensure faster time to market.

Juval Lowy is a software architect and the principal of IDesign, a consulting and training company. Juval is Microsoft's Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, working with Microsoft on helping the industry adopt .NET. His latest book is Programming .NET Components 2nd Edition by O'Reilly. The book is dedicated to component-oriented programming and design, as well as the related system issues. Juval participates in the Microsoft internal design reviews for future versions of .NET and related technologies. Juval published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of .NET development, and is a frequent presenter at development conferences. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world's top .NET experts and industry leaders.

Sponsored by the Boulder .NET User Group.
A brief presentation and an opportunity for food and networking will begin at 5:30pm.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:13)