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Colloquium - Ye

Dynamic Community: A New Approach to Supporting Knowledge Collaboration
Yunwen Ye
Department of Computer Science

DynC is a collaborative research project undertaken by SRA Key Technology Laboratory and three other universities in Japan. The central theme is a conceptual framework called Dynamic Community which we proposed to support situated and agile knowledge collaboration. A dynamic community is formed ad hoc for a specific user and for a specific task when the user needs help from others in solving the task. Only those who are experts on the particular task and have social connections with the user are chosen as candidates for the dynamic community. In the talk, I will explain the conceptual framework and its application in supporting software development.

Sponsored by the Center for Lifelong Learning & Design.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:13)