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CATS - Militeau

Bridging the Gap between New Technologies and Enhanced Communications Services
Christian Militeau
VP of Engineering, SandCherry Networks, Inc.

There has been considerable talk in the last few years in the communications industry about new generation communications services, which have been dubbed "enhanced and next-generation services", which portend another wave of change in our daily lives. Here are some examples of what we can expect over the next few years:

How will your communications service provider offer these new services? Telecom service deployments ought to work like the web, but they don't. The integration and management of different technologies from different vendors into coherent service packages presents specific and unique problems. Vendors of speech recognition engines, application servers, media servers, etc., assume that the call control and service management is handled by "something else". SandCherry's unique technology approach offers increased intelligence on a communications service provider's network and new ways of using software components to fill that void.

Today, telecom services are deployed by connecting users, via gateways, to systems, which contain the software and hardware delivering the functionality that the user experiences. These systems are connected, in turn, to user databases, billing systems, provisioning systems, and management systems. The result is an unwieldy spider web of ad hoc connections, which gets worse as the system scales up. By using a new class of software platform, which serves as the "brain" or "broker" of a service node, requests for applications and resources are handled within a service node. The result is that deployments can change from a messy web of point-to-point connections to a centralized management model.

SandCherry Networks, Inc. is a communications software company based in Boulder, Colorado. SandCherry provides a new class of software platform, the SoftServer, to enterprises and service providers for the delivery and management of next-generation communications services. The SoftServer enables scalable, managed, deployment of speech-enabled and media-rich communications services by providing real-time service control and management. SandCherry's SoftServer accelerates implementation of next-generation services on legacy, wireless, and IP-based communications networks.

Refreshments will be served immediately following the presentation.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:20)