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BACTAC - Neufeld

Job Search, the Interview Process and a Successful Job Talk
Michael Neufeld
Department of Computer Science

Omnidirectional antennas in conjunction with 802.11 wireless networks afford relatively poor scalability in typical community networking scenarios. Even with relatively few stations in a given area, available bandwidth per client quickly drops to that of analog modems over telephone lines. One approach for improving scalability and performance in these networks is to use electronically steerable directional antennas. However, these antennas introduce an entirely new set of problems associated with their use, in particular the introduction of a large number of hidden and exposed terminals arising from the use of narrow transmission profiles. These problems have generally been attacked by directly modifying the 802.11 MAC layer, typically in a way that breaks backward compatibility with existing hardware.

In this work I propose and evaluate techniques for addressing the problems which occur when using directional antennas while still maintaining interoperability with existing equipment. A subset of these techniques may even be utilized without modifying the 802.11 MAC protocol, permitting the use of a wide variety of inexpensive off-the-shelf equipment. These techniques may be used to reduce the number of hidden terminals, reduce the negative effects caused by hidden terminals, and diminish the impact of exposed terminals when utilizing electronically steerable phase array antennas in conjunction with 802.11 radio equipment.

Come see what a successful job talk is like. Michael Neufeld received his PhD in December and will be working for BBN Technologies, Inc. of Boston starting this summer. Mike's open to questions about the job search and interview process, also.

Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0430 USA
May 5, 2012 (14:24)