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Colloquium Scheduling


The Department holds colloquia each year throughout the fall and spring semesters. These colloquia, open to the public, are typically held on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm-4:30pm, but sometimes occur at other times as well. The Department encourages its faculty to present talks on their research or to host other speakers giving talks of interest to the Computer Science Department community.

The following is a list of planned future colloquia, as well as the availability of future regular colloquium time slots.

9/6/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for P&T Talks
9/13/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for Andrzej Ehrenfeucht celebration
9/14/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for all day event
9/20/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for P&T Talks
9/27/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for P&T Talks
10/4/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for Nikolaus Correll
10/11/20123:30pm-4:30pm no colloquium -- campus sporting event
10/18/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
10/25/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
11/1/20123:30pm-4:30pm reserved for Kent Stevens
11/8/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
11/15/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
11/22/20123:30pm-4:30pm Thanksgiving -- no colloquium
11/29/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
12/6/20123:30pm-4:30pm available
12/13/20123:30pm-4:30pm available

If you would like to nominate a speaker for the series or need other scheduling information, please contact faculty colloquium coordinator Leysia Palen.

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