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Colloquium - Ye

DLC 170

(Meta-)Designing for Continuous Evolution through Sustained Participation in Open Source Software
Yunwen Ye
Department of Computer Science
Yunwen Ye photo

Because an OSS project is unlikely to sustain a long-term success unless there is an associated community that provides the platform for developers, users, and user-turned-developers to collaborate with each other, understanding the well-observed phenomenon that OSS systems experience "natural product evolution" cannot be complete without understanding the structure and evolution of their associated communities. This talk examines the structure of OSS communities and the co-evolution of OSS systems and communities based on case studies. Although OSS systems and communities generally co-evolve, they co-evolve differently depending on the goal of the system and the structure of the community. A systematic analysis of the differences leads us to propose a classification of OSS projects into three types: Exploration-Oriented, Utility-Oriented, and Services-Oriented. Practical implications of realizing the co-evolution and recognizing the different types of OSS projects are discussed to provide guidance for OSS practitioners and the (meta)design of other participative software systems meant to be evolved at the hands of participating users.

Sponsored by the Center for Lifelong Learning & Design.

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Sign language interpreters are available upon request. Please contact Stephanie Morris at least five days prior to the colloquium.

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