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Colloquium - Maybee

ECCR 150

Xen, Paravirtualization and Solaris
Stuart J. Maybee
Sun Microsystems

Xen is a hypervisor that supports an idealized hardware platform onto which you can run your favorite operating systems, each secure in their own virtual machine environment. With Xen, you can run multiple operating systems on the same server, and you can easily support each of your services in a different virtual machine -- allowing for greater security and offering the ability to move operating system instances from server to server as workload demands change.

This talk will cover issues in preparing an operating system for execution in a paravirtualized hypervisor environment such as that provided by Xen. Given that Stu works at Sun Microsystems and his favorite operating system is the Solaris OS, he'll talk about supporting it on Xen on x86-architecture platforms.

Stuart Maybee has been working on operating system internals for more than 25 years. The last decade has been as a member of various Solaris kernel teams at Sun Microsystems. Stu holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

Co-sponsored by the Front Range UNIX Users Group (FRUUG).

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