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Colloquium - Limerick and Puska

DLC 170

The Centering of the American West: The Search for Alternatives to Polarization in the Natural Resource Conflicts of Our Time
Center of the American West
Claudia Puska
Center of the American West

Reorganized in 1995, the Center of the American West has been engaged in the long running experiment of refusing the usual terms of opposition (preservationist versus utilitarian, environmentalist versus developer, even liberal versus conservative) and designing more fruitful and productive ways of coping with contemporary disputes over natural resource management. The Center deploys a longer range of time, tracing today's conflicts back to their origins, as a primary mechanism to provide a more tranquil perspective on today's conflicts.

In matters from energy production to wildlands fire management, Center of the American West principals try to act as translators and interpreters, carrying messages between feuding camps and between experts and the general public. Good ties with federal agencies have been especially valuable in these enterprises. Limerick will review the Center of the American West's history and major projects, and the discussion will explore possible collaborations and partnerships with the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design.

Sponsored by the Center for Lifelong Learning & Design.

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