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CATS - Swihart

ECCR 200

Righting the Ship -- Evolution of the Offshore Model
Josh Swihart
Interlink Group

According to Gartner, Forrester, Standish and everyone else who tells the world what they should be thinking, offshore outsourcing is in and everyone is doing it. The reality is that the industry is still in relative infancy and for every company that boasts they saved 50% on their last project due to inexpensive offshore labor there are numerous stories of failed projects due to missed expectations and communication nightmares. There are substantive cost benefits to outsourcing offshore but certainly not without risk. However, options do exist for those wanting the benefit of lower project costs and reduced delivery schedule with limited exposure.

The advantages of an offshore model must be compelling enough to outweigh any challenges or risk and anyone who has worked in a globally distributed model can attest that significant challenges do exist. However, they are not insurmountable and will vary in degree based upon the outsourcing model chosen. There are a number of models available and it is important to understand the distinctions.

Josh Swihart has recently returned from India where he has been serving as the Offshore Delivery Director for Interlink Group, LLC. He will discuss current offshore trends, how companies have modeled themselves in order to exploit offshore advantages, and which models are proving most effective as the industry matures.

The Colorado Advanced Technology Series wants to introduce students at the University of Colorado to the technology leaders of local and national industries and help the leaders of those companies explain what their companies do and why they are great places to work. If you would like to receive email notification of upcoming talks, subscribe to our CATS Mailing List.

The main event of CATS is a series of technical talks in the middle of each semester. In each seminar, a technical or business leader from a local or national company describes new or existing technical developments, the motivation for developing that technology and the corporate environment. Each seminar is followed by refreshments and a chance for students and industry representatives to mingle and talk. See CATS Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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