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BACTAC - Hirzel

ECOT 831

Connectivity-Based Garbage Collection
Grad Student, Department of Computer Science

Garbage collection is an important feature of modern programming languages: by liberating the programmer from the responsibility of freeing up unused memory by hand, it leads to code with fewer bugs and cleaner design. However, these software engineering benefits have their costs: garbage collection may incur annoying pauses, slowdowns, and increased memory requirements. This talk presents a novel family of garbage collection algorithms that use information about the connectivity of heap objects to reduce these costs.

I first present empirical data showing that connectivity information is a good indicator for when objects die. Then I describe a family of garbage collectors that exploit connectivity properties to yield short pause times, good throughput, and low memory footprint. As part of implementing this approach, I developed the first non-trivial pointer analysis that handles all of Java, including dynamic class loading, reflection, and native code. I present an evaluation of connectivity-based garbage collection and the pointer analysis.

BACTAC, the Beverage And Chips Tuesday Afternoon Colloquium, is a weekly forum run by graduate students. The goal is provide an informal setting in which anyone can (basically) present anything. In the past, we have had practice talks for conferences and job interviews, research reports, juggle lessons (!), student representative reports, internship discussions, an introduction to ergonomics, and "pay attention to this when you are going to look for job" discussions.

BACTAC is meant to be an informal and social event to promote the interaction among graduate students. BACTAC is typically held every Tuesday, at 3:30pm, in room ECOT 831. Free munchies and drinks are provided.

Please email Caleb Phillips for more information or if you want to be a speaker.

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