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Theses Advised by William Wolfe

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Cho, Kathleen Mary
MS 1989
An expert system for diagnosing acute abdominal pain
 Comeau, Debra Sue
MS 1989
Using artificial intelligence to analyze handwriting
 Hurst, Susan Fisher
MS 1989
Object identification using schema
 Bottelsen, Robert Arthur
MS 1990
Symbolic knowledge representation with neural networks
 Kuehner, Warren Eugene
MS 1990
Using mixed integer programming to solve problems related to planning growth in telecommunications networks
 Renninger, Larry Gene
MS 1990
Object identification using neural network techniques
 Searight, Keith Ramsey
MS 1990
An expert system approach for seismic data acquisition
 Atkinson, Laurie Dunn
MS 1991
Applying neural networks to combinatorial optimization problems
 Carter, Gemetri Evette
MS 1991
A novice approach to developing a night driving expert control system
 Muncy, David Michael
MS 1991
Implementation of a trihedral constraint algorithm using a neural network
 Shaw, Jeffrey A.
MS 1991
Solving optimization problems using recurrent neural networks
 Brady, George Patrick
MS 1992
Neural network parameter analysis
 Chang, Edward Hok-Lin
MS 1992
Neural network approach to resource-constrained scheduling
 Gruszecki, Gary Allen
MS 1992
Bioelectric waveform interpretation: rationale for a hybrid approach and comparison of two methods
 Walker, Radford K.
MS 1992
An empirical measure of heuristic quality
 Aultman, William S.
MS 1993
K-cluster networks
 Le, Trang Tuyet
MS 1993
Solving the task scheduling problem using interconnected neural networks
 Lindbloom, Larry Stanley
MS 1993
Neural computation of resource constrained task scheduling
 Lindsey, Michael Don
MS 1993
A parallel-distributed approach to task scheduling problems
 Nettleton, Linda Taylor
MS 1993
Experimental analysis of a genetic algorithm solution for telecommunications routing
 Rabinovich, Yelena
MS 1993
Neural network approach to resource-constrained scheduling problems
 Koné, Zié
MS 1994
Window-constrained scheduling problem
 Zhang, Yu
MS 1994
Neural network approach to the subset-sum problem
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