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Theses Advised by William Waite

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Drummonds, James Thomas
MS 1969
A macro processor for the librascope L-3055 data processing system
 Botway, Lloyd Frederick
MS 1970
A machine-independent system for the graphical manipulation of flowcharts
 Stevenson, Wilfred Schuyler
MS 1972
On the automatic generation of optimal lexical analyzers
 Weber, Larry Bruce
MS 1973
A machine independent Pascal compiler
 Bailey, Mark Richard
MS 1974
Graph theory as it relates to block positioning in automated flowcharting
 Stuebe, Thomas Dean
MS 1974
A specification for an ANSI standard FORTRAN compiler
 Dunn, Richard Carl
PhD 1975
Design of a higher-level language transput system
 Winograd, Stephen Frederick
MS 1975
Production of optimized object code from machine-independent macro language as applied to SNOBOL4
 Schulz, Waldean Allen
PhD 1976
Semantic analysis and target language synthesis in a translator
 Paddock, David Smith
MS 1979
Tape Access Online System [TAOS]
 Rauhauser, Russ Curtis
MS 1979
PASFOR: a Pascal-FORTRAN translator
 Richenderfer, Tommie Glen
MS 1979
Design and development of a cross-assembler for the Motorola 6800 microprocessor
 Carter, Lynn Robert
PhD 1980
An analysis of Pascal programs and several basic block optimizations
 Van Heerden, Lawrence C.
MS 1980
The development of a code generator for the universal intermediate language Janus
 Kressel, Ulrich Hans-Georg
MS 1982
Experience with a code generator synthesis system
 Gibbons, Lee Douglas
MS 1984
An attribute grammar for the C programming language
 Hancock, Janell Kay
MS 1985
Experience using a retargetable peephole optimizer to achieve compiler portability
 Gray, Robert William
MS 1987
Generating fast, error recovering parsers
 Hall, Mark Lee
PhD 1987
The optimization of automatically generated compilers
 Gray, Robert William
PhD 1989
Declarative specifications for automatically constructed compilers
 Levi, Steven Paul
PhD 1991
Modeling the configuration management process
 Ishikawa, Masayoshi
PhD 1993
Construction of separately compilable and linkable simple multi- visit attribute evaluators
 Sloane, Anthony Miles
PhD 1993
Execution monitoring for reusable software components
 Kadhim, Basim Markus
PhD 1998
Debugger generation in a compiler generation system
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