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 Walker, Gary Dell
MS 1984
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
Qubist: a search for a first-player winning strategy in the game of Qubic
 Walker, Radford K.
MS 1992
Advisor: William Wolfe
An empirical measure of heuristic quality
 Wang, Ning
PhD 2000
Advisor: Oliver McBryan
Nearest neighbor search in high dimensional euclidean space
 Wang, Yanyan
PhD 2006
Advisor: Antonio Carzaniga
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Automating experimentation with distributed systems using generative techniques
 Warmuth, Manfred Klaus
MS 1980
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
M processor unit-execution-time scheduling reduces to M-1 weakly connected components
 Warmuth, Manfred Klaus
PhD 1981
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Scheduling on profiles of constant breadth
 Weatherley, John
MS 2001
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
Adapting educational resources for collaborative on-line peer review
 Weaver, Robert Paul
PhD 1992
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Supporting dynamic data structures at the language level on distributed memory machines
 Weber, Larry Bruce
MS 1973
Advisor: William Waite
A machine independent Pascal compiler
 Weber, Tara Lea
MS 1990
Advisor: Fabio Somenzi
Periodic signal suppression in a concurrent fault simulator
 Wehrend, Stephen Charles
MS 1990
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
A categorization of scientific visualization techniques
 Wehrend, Stephen Charles
PhD 2002
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Design process for application-specific languages: a language for water resources policy specification
 Weingart, Troy Benjamin
PhD 2006
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
A method for dynamic reconfiguration of a cognitive radio system
 Weiss, Barry Edward
MS 1980
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
A modular software package for solving unconstrained non-linear optimization problems
 Welch, Bryan Jeffrey
MS 1997
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Modeling complexity in human visual object cognition
 Westermann, Herbert Hans
MS 1983
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
An analysis of the power of chain rules in context-free grammars
 Westermann, Herbert Hans
PhD 1988
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Efficient algorithms for matroid sums
 Wetzler, Philipp Georg
PhD 2010
Advisor: James Martin
Computational models of quality for educational digital resource assessment
 Wharton, Cathleen Susan
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
A comparative study of soar and the construction-integration model
 White, Elizabeth Kendrick
PhD 2010
Advisor: Lawrence Hunter
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Pattern-based extraction of argumentation from the scientific literature
 White, Nancy Munroe
MS 1973
Advisor: Harry Jordan
Real time data communications interface
 Whitesell, William Abram
MS 1972
Advisor: Claude McMillan
A system designed for improved R&D budget planning through use of tim-share computer programs
 Wiener, Erik Daniel
MS 1995
Advisor: Andreas Weigend
A neural network approach to topic spotting in text
 Wilcox, Nathan Wesley
BS 2006
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Analyzing content-based message blocking with the SVO logic
 Wilde, Nicholas Paul
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Datasheets: designing an end-user programming environment to support a specific domain
 Wilder, Matthew Harris
MS 2008
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Advisor: Jane Mulligan
A unified theory of exogenous and endogenous attentional control
 Williams, Scott Robert
BS 2006
Advisor: James Martin
Summaries of Wikipedia deletion discussions: a shallow semantic approach
 Wilson, Cynthia Louise
MS 1981
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Data flow anomaly detection in the C programming language
 Wilson, John Patrick
MS 1993
Advisor: Lloyd Fosdick
Investigation of ordinary differential equation solvers for use in the molecular dynamics simulation of micro-clusters
 Wilson, John Patrick
PhD 2001
Advisor: Oliver McBryan
Compression of turbulence data using wavelet-based lossy coding
 Wilson, Simon Leslie
MS 2004
Advisor: Jane Mulligan
An end-to-end control system for semi-autonomous robot explorers
 Wilson, Stephanie Amber
BS 2007
Advisor: Rob Knight
Alignment and detection of syntenic regions of genes to identify horizontally transferred islands in pathogenic bacteria
 Winograd, Stephen Frederick
MS 1975
Advisor: William Waite
Production of optimized object code from machine-independent macro language as applied to SNOBOL4
 Witherspoon, David Bruce
MS 2011
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
Semi-automatic discovery of meaningful ontology from a relational database
 Woitaszek, Matthew Stephen
PhD 2007
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Tornado codes for archival storage
 Wolf, Terry
MS 1972
Advisor: Lloyd Fosdick
A step towards a mathematical predictor of an asthmatic lung
 Wolfe, Donald Eugene
PhD 1992
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
A connectionist model of letter and word recognition
 Wolniewicz, Richard Hansen
PhD 1994
Advisor: Goetz Graefe
Algebraic optimization of computations over scientific databases
 Working, Robert Daniel
MS 1971
Advisor: Harry Jordan
An outline for the implementation of APL on a small computer
 Workman, Christopher Thomas
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Stormo
Discovering transcription factor binding sites with the perceptron
 Worrell, Kurt Jeffery
MS 1994
Advisor: Michael Schwartz
Invalidation in large scale network object caches
 Wrensch, Thomas E.
PhD 2002
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Programming computationally enhanced craft items
 Wu, Sou-Hao
MS 1993
Advisor: Tom Altman
Heuristics for identifying representative locations for monitoring stations in distribution networks
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